Marching Tenors

Custom Elite Multi-Tenor Drum -

Designed by Paul Rennick of the Santa Clara Vanguard, Custom Elite Series marching drums combine warm, articulate sound with unmatched durability.


Custom Elite Multi-Tenor Drums are lighter than ever, featuring reengineered hollow hardware and premium 8-ply, 100% American Maple shells. Shells are hand selected, pitch matched, and finished by hand at our USA factory in beautiful custom lacquer and covered finishes. An aluminum reinforcement ring guarantees the lifetime integrity of each drum.


Dynasty Multi-Tenors are shipped completely assembled from the factory. No drilling or mounting is required. A state of the art mounting system ensures drums are level, precisely spaced, and completely maintenace free throughout their lifetime. Dynasty Multi-Tenors are the most durable tenor sets on the market.


Sizes: 6" 8" 10" 12" 13" 14"
Shell: 8-ply American Maple
Shell Cuts: Standard, Deep, Lite
Standard Hardware: Chrome Plated



Model Standard Cut Deep Cut Model Standard Cut Deep Cut
MT-802 14.55 lbs 15.20 lbs MT-68024 23.75 lbs 24.95 lbs
MT-024 17.10 lbs 18.30 lbs MT-60234 26.60 lbs 27.80 lbs
MT-6802 17.05 lbs 17.70 lbs MT-80234 27.55 lbs 28.20 lbs
MT-8023 20.85 lbs 21.90 lbs MT-668023 25.95 lbs 27.00 lbs
MT-8024 21.25 lbs 22.45 lbs MT-668024 26.35 lbs 27.55 lbs
MT-0234 24.10 25.70 lbs MT-660234 29.10 lbs 30.70 lbs
MT-68023 23.35 lbs 24.40 lbs MT-680234 29.95 lbs 31.55 lbs