Slide Grease

A14-MW60 (8) - Hetman Tuning Slide Grease, TSG

For those who prefer a long lasting slide lubricant of heavy consistency, this premium tuning slide grease keeps stationary slides airtight and place. 10 cc jar.

A14-M48 - Dynasty Tuning Slide Grease, Lipstick Style

Dynasty high quality, economically priced, tuning slide grease in lipstick style applicator.

A14-WD3 - Wayne Downey Tuning Slide Grease

Silk Tuning Slide Grease has been specifically designed for use within a wide range of temperatures allowing great lubrication of total slide surface. Keeps slides virtually dust and lint free. Developed by world renown,distinguished brass teacher, clinician, and arranger Wayne Downey. 0.5 oz. tub