Case Hardware

A01-GW6011 - Tuba Case Wheel for Wood Case

Wood Tuba Case 5" rubber wheel with axle bolt and nut

A01-GW3002 - Medium Surface Latch

A01-GW3003 - Medium round surface latch

A01-GW3004 - Marching Brass Case Square Latch

A01-GW3005 - Draw bolt lock for valance cases

A01-GW3006 - Surface draw bolt latch

A01-GW4003 - Large teardrop hinge

A01-GW4004 - Heavy duty hinge

A01-GW4005 - Hinge for narrow valance cases

A01-GW4006 - Hinge for molded flute & piccolo cases

A01-GW5001 - Black molded stitched handle

A01-GW3000 - Small Surface latch

A01-GW3007 - Surface draw bolt latch for valance cases

A01-GW3008 - Medium draw bolt

A01-GW3009 - Large draw bolt

A01-GW3010 - Medium recessed lock

A01-GW3011 - Latch for molded piccolo case

GW3013 - Flip down latch for MP3 clarinet and MP4 flute cases

A01-GW4002 - Small teardrop hinge

A01-GW5003 - Black molded plain handle

A01-GW5005 - Handle loop

A01-GW5007 - Loop Handle

A01-GW5008 - Heavy duty handle

A01-GW5009 - Flute handle

A01-GW5010 - Replacement Handle, 6" buckle on

A01-GW5011 - Side mount buckle on handle

GW5012 - MP3 Clarinet case & PF37 oboe case handle with clips

A01-GW5014 - Steel handle and installation hardware for marching brass and other cases

A01-GW5015 - Molded Padded Handle

A01-GW6000 - Medium corner

A01-GW6001 - Large corner

A01-GW6002 - Angle brace

A01-GW6004 - Large center support

A01-GW6005 - Tray support

A01-GW6006 - Plastic finger

A01-GW6008 - Standard foot

A01-GW6013 - Left bracket for wood tuba case wheel, includes all hardware to install

A01-GW6014 - Wheel Kit for M875 Molded Tuba Case, includes all hardware to install

A01-GW7002 - Leather lift with strap

A01-GW7006 - Case Grommet for Mouthpiece

A01-GW5016 - Marching Case Vinyl Padded Handle with Bracket

A01-GW6015 - Wheel Kit for M890 Molded Sousaphone Case, includes all hardware to install

A01-GW6010 - Universal Wheel Bracket for wood cases

Heavy duty universal wheel bracket will fit wood cases left and right side of case.  Kit includes bracket and installation hardware.