Tuba Mouthpieces

A02-ME2 - Marty Erickson ME2 Tuba Mouthpiece with Pouch

Superlative response with a little brighter sound than the ME1. Excellent small tuba mouthpiece providing a brighter small horn sound while providing unusual clarity and optimum projection.

A02-ME3 - Marty Erickson ME3 Tuba Mouthpiece with Pouch

Crossover mouthpiece providing a darker or warmer sound so the small horn achieves a big horn sound without losing the focus. Excellent mouthpiece for large tubas needing to perform in smaller ensembles with a clear, non-invasive voice.

A02-ME5 - Marty Erickson ME5 Tuba Mouthpiece with Pouch

Biggest mouthpiece providing warm, rich and centered sound. Wonderful for some of the big orchestral and band works demanding huge, focused sound, but having the ability to project to the back row of the auditorium.

A02-TU24AW - Brasswind Tuba Mouthpiece

TU24AW design has a deep cup, medium large cup size, and comfortably wide rim.

This large mouthpiece provides a full dark tone quality.