Baritone Mouthpieces

A02-BB3 - Brian Bowman Model BB3 Mouthpiece with Pouch

A good mouthpiece for young players and also for use on the smaller English bore baritone Horn, this model provides an alternative to the often too shallow C cup trombone mouthpieces that are given younger players. Specify trombone, euphonium, or bass trombone shank.

A02-WDTB1 - Wayne Downey Baritone Mouthpiece

Silver plated. Depth of the cup is medium deep, cup diameter is 25.4mm, the rim shape is round. The medium deep cup size provides a rich compact sound. Aids in the production of a characteristic quality of sound in all registers. Improves tuning, centering and focus of each pitch. Improves range in all registers. Creates a sizzling lead sound in the upper register. Produces a deep, dark sound in the lower register. Improves slurring flexibility. Improves clarity on all articulations.

A02-TB6-1/2AL - Brasswind TromboneBaritone Mouthpiece

A02-TB12C - Brasswind TromboneBaritone Mouthpiece

A02-BT6-1/2AL - Brasswind Bass Trombone Mouthpiece