BV Series - Bergerault Signature Series Vibraphones

Bergerault Signature Vibraphones feature exceptional sound with a light and foldable frame for easy transport.


Vibraphone bars are crafted from an exclusive new aluminum alloy and finished to order in matte silver, for a warmer sound, or glossy gold, for a brighter sound. A quiet motor is built into the frame and features a digital display and silent fan speed slider control, for musical expression free from unwanted noise. The reinforced lower crossbar eliminates frame flex, ensuring highly accurate pedaling from all positions. 


Built for style and function, the light-weight ash and aluminum frame folds easily for travel, making it perfect for the touring musician. Hydraulic cylinders in the legs make height adjustment a breeze and resonators feature a textured silver finish with a hint of sparkle that gives the low-profile frame an undeniable air of elegance.



Matte Silver Bars Glossy Gold Bars Range Weight
KV-BV30S KV-BV30G 3.0 Octaves (F3-F6) 143 pounds
KV-BV35S KV-BV35G 3.5 Octaves (C3-F6) 187 pounds
KV-BV40S KV-BV40G 4.0 Octaves (C3-C6) 209 pounds


Bars: Bergerault Exclusive Aluminum Alloy
Bar Size: 58x13mm to 38x13mm
Pitch: A=442Hz (Other Pitches by Special Order)
Frame: Ash/Aluminum Combination, Silver Finish
Resonators: Extruded Aluminum, Silver Powder Coat Finish
Frame Height Range: 870mm to 970mm
Wheels: 100mm Casters, Two Locking
Motor: Silent Pause Control, 110-220V
Pedal: Oversized Swivel or Bergerault Extended Pedal


PS Series - Bergerault Performance Series Vibraphones

Bergerault Performance Series Vibraphones are regarded as the best sounding vibraphone on the market. The combination of the tuning, the projection of sound, and durability makes this instrument a must for any front ensemble or concert program.


Performance Series Vibraphones are available on Dynasty Gridiron II Field Frames or Performance II Concert Frames. Click here for more information about Dynasty keyboard frames.


Frame Model Range
Gridiron II KV-PS30G2 3.0 Octaves (F3-F6)
KV-PS30NG2 (No Motor) 3.0 Octaves (F3-F6)
KV-PS35G2 3.5 Octaves (B2-F6)
Performance II KV-PS30C2 3.0 Octaves (F3-F6)
KV-PS30NC2 (No Motor) 3.0 Octaves (F3-F6)
KV-PS35C2 3.5 Octaves (B2-F6)



Bars: Bergerault Exclusive Aluminum Alloy
Bar Finish: Matte Silver
Pitch: A=442 Hz
Resonators Extruded Aluminum, Hand Hammered Powder Coat Finish
Pedal: Bergerault Extended Pedal