12.09.2016 // New Signature Series Keyboards

New Signature Series keyboards from Dynasty/Bergerault feature exceptional sound with a light and foldable frame for easy transport.


Crafted by hand in France, xylophone bars are made from the highest quality Honduras rosewood. Vibraphone bars feature an exclusive new aluminum alloy and arefinished to order in matte silver, for a warmer sound, or glossy gold, for a brighter sound.


Vibraphone frames include a quiet motor with a digital display and silent fan speed slider control, for musical expression free from unwanted noise. The frame’s reinforced lower crossbar eliminates flex, ensuring highly accurate pedaling from all pedal positions.


Built for style and function, the light-weight Signature Series frame folds easily for travel, making it perfect for the touring musician. Hydraulic cylinders make height adjustment a breeze and resonators feature a textured silver finish with a hint of sparkle that gives the low-profile frame an undeniable air of elegance.


Signature Series Xylophones are 4.0 octaves. Vibraphones are available in 3.0, 3.5, or 4.0 octave sizes.


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