03.11.2014 // DrumSpirit to WGI Championships 2014

The Belgian ‘Sport of the Arts’ performs historical show

 DADIZELE/DAYTON - DrumSpirit is proud to present their 2014 production “In Flanders Fields” at the 2014 WGI Championships. For the second time the ensemble will enter WGI World Championships. They are the one and only European percussion ensemble to do so. In 2010 the Belgian group unexpectedly finished 6th during the Independent A Class finals, and after the championships, they had to extend their stay by 9 days due to a volcano eruption in Iceland.

This season started quite well. During the WGI Regional in the Netherlands on March 1st, the ensemble took silver in the Independent Open Class with a score of 86.55 points.  Both judges and audience members were full of praise about how the musical arrangement and the visual program bring a memorable and emotional theme to life.

DrumSpirit is a marching percussion ensemble based in Dadizele, Belgium. In 2011, the group celebrated its 30th year of existence! Through the years, the ensemble has grown from a traditional drum band to one of the leaders of marching percussion on the European continent. They consist out of a large front ensemble and solid drum line, and bring the audience a wide variety of percussion and music...al performances both in- and outdoors.

In addition to their national and European titles and awards, DrumSpirit also successfully captured a sixth place during the 2010 WGI Championships in the Independent Marching A class finals. To this day they are the only European percussion ensemble to have crossed the Atlantic and compete in the WGI Championships. Known as the European brand of percussion, DrumSpirit is very ambitious to inspire and support young people to get into the next level of the Belgian sport of the arts.