08.21.2014 // DCA Championships Draws Near

2014 DCA Championship Festivities Kick-off Next Week

Drum Corps Associates, founded in 1964, is an all-age drum corps activity providing tens of thousands of individuals with music education and performance opportunities throughout the United States as well as internationally. DCA is the nation's oldest continuously operating drum corps circuit, celebrating 50 years of entertainment and education! Next week, DCA, its member corps, fans and sponsors will be taking over Rochester, NY for the 50th Anniversary DCA Championships weekend!  The kick-off event for the weekend's festivities will be held on Friday at 6:00pm in Downtown Rochester with a parade through town.  For more information on the listing of events, how to purchase tickets and more for DCA Championships, please visit: http://www.dcacorps.org/?page_id=4494 


Dynasty is proud to be affiliated with the following Drum Corps Associates performing groups:


Minnesota Brass

Atlanta CV

Fusion Core


White Sabers


We wish all of our groups a great deal of success next weekend in Rochester.