04.07.2012 // The CorpsVets Choose Dynasty/Bergerault in 2012

Dynasty USA and Bergerault is excited to announce the Atlanta CorpsVets will be playing Dynasty Percussion and Bergerault keyboards in 2012.

The CorpsVets will join the ranks of Santa Clara Vanguard, Phantom Regiment, and the Glassmen as exclusive Dynasty/Bergerault groups on the field this season.  Of the new partnership, Mark Reynolds, VP of Sales and Marketing for Dynasty USA, said, “We are honored to have the CorpsVets and Caption Head, Chris Romanowski as a leading ensemble this coming season for our company. Mr. Romanowski is an amazing Dynasty artist and we are excited to hear what he has planned for the CorpsVets ensemble.”

Corpsvets director, David Stollberg said “We're especially excited to be back with Dynasty!  The drums, keyboards, carriers and stands are just exceptional for the marching arts!  Atlanta CV is proud to play the best.”

Chris Romanowski, Caption Head for CorpsVets, said, “I'm very excited to bring CorpsVets to the field in 2012 with all new Bergerault front ensemble and Dynasty battery instruments. I've had a long standing relationship with Dynasty and the quality of the instruments and personal service is unmatched. I could go on for days about what I love about Dynasty, but a few things you just can’t beat are: the quad set up right out of the box is totally pro, spacing of the toms are perfect and the cradle keeps them flat for the life of the drums. The new T-Max SEM carrier, without Jbars, is super comfortable for the players and the Bergerault front ensemble looks as great as it sounds!" Chris added, "The battery stands are tanks and I can't wait for people to hear these instruments with CorpsVets ensemble!  We at CorpsVets look forward to taking Dynasty/Bergerault to the field with us every day, and I'd like to thank Mark Reynolds and everyone at Dynasty for making it happen!”

You can learn more about CorpsVets by visiting http://www.corpsvets.org

When sound truly matters... Play Dynasty/Bergerault. http://www.dynastyband.com