01.05.2012 // Dynasty at Indonesian Marching Band Contest

The Marching Band Bontang Pupuk Kaltim (MBBPKT) just returned from the 2011 Grand Prix Marching Band Competition (GPMB) where they won their 10th National Championship! The Grand Prix marching Band Competition is an annual event held for marching bands across Indonesia. This year, it was held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The MBBPKT uses both Dynasty Brass and Percussion, and on top of winning overall, they took first place in all captions except color guard. 


The Grand Prix also has an Individuals & Ensemble Competition. Members of the MBBPKT won the Solo Percussion Category (tenor player), Solo Brass Category (trumpet), and the Brass Ensemble Category.


Yet another congratulations from Dynasty to a group of deserving young musicians!