12.15.2012 // Jeff Ausdemore Joins Dynasty Bergerault

Dynasty is excited to announc that Jeff Ausdemore is joinging the Dynasty/Bergerault family. "We are honored to have Jeff on board with us and his knowledge of the percussion activity will help push us for many years to come" said Mark Reynolds, VP of Sales & marketing for Dynasty.

11.27.2012 // Yokohama Scouts win!

The Yokohama Scouts win the 20th DCJ All Japan Championships. Congrats to all of the students and staff for an amazing show. Dynasty is proud to have the Yokohama Scouts playing Dynasty band instruments.

09.14.2012 // Dynasty Shines and Buccaneers win at DCA Championships

The 2012 DCA Championships were held over Labor Day weekend and the Buccaneers come out on top with a record score of 99.03! The Reading Buccaneers form Reading, Pennsylvania won both nights of competition. Combined with two rain delays on prelims night they set the stage for a record breaking performance on finals night. The Buccaneers won with a score of 99.03 and added a brass and percussion championship to their long history of success in the DCA ranks. “We are honored the Buccaneers are playing Dynasty Brass and Percussion. The ensemble set a new standard this year and we are proud to be a small part of their success.” Said Mark Schafer, President of DEG Music Products & Dynasty Band Instruments.


The defending champions, Minnesota Brass, came in 2nd with a score of 96.23. The 2011 champions had an amazing show and made it exciting to watch the competition unfold on finals night. Joel Matuzak, Minnesota Brass Program Coordinator, was inducted into the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame during the weekend of the DCA Championships. “ Joel is a class act and a wonderful educator. The energy and creativity he brings to the Minnesota Brass organization is astounding.” Said Mark Reynolds, VP of Sales and Marketing for Dynasty. Congratulations to Joel and everyone involved with the Minnesota Brass organization for an amazing, 2012 production.


The Caballeros return to Dynasty after a few years and finish strong with a 3rd place score of 94.78. Driven by the percussion section, Rob Ferguson takes over the arranging for the corps and propels them to a new level in percussion. Dynasty is excited to see what the Caballeros will come out with for the 2013 season.


Making finals and finishing in 8th place was Atlanta CV drum corps. The organization hit the field with all new Dynasty battery and Bergerault front ensemble equipment. Dynasty artist, Chris Romanowski lead the way for the percussion section and did a great job for his inaugural season with the drum corps. Great sounds from the front ensemble and powerful battery sounds made this production exciting to hear on both nights of competition.  

08.28.2012 // Dynasty Signature Concert Drums

Dynasty is proud to announce the release of the Signature concert drums. "We have worked hard with our artist's to develop and line of concert drums that sound amazing and look equally as beautiful" said Mark Reynolds VP of Sales and Marketing for Dynasty. The new Signature drums are built in our factory in Greenville, Illinois and feature the craftsmanship Dynasty has been known for in the percussion community. You will appreciate the hand crafted Signature drums and immediately hear a difference. The 10 ply maple shell, die cast hoops, fully adjustable triple cable snare system, hand machined throw off,  and precision hand lacquer shell sets this drum apart from all other drums on the market. The Dynasty Signature Snare Drums come in a variety of sizes and can be ordered in Piano Black or Cherry lacquer finishes.

08.01.2012 // Dynasty releases new DFZ Marching Snare

Dynasty is excited to announce the official release of the new DFZ marching snare drum. Tremendous care was taken in developing this drum for the contemporary marching percussion ensemble. This drum has been tested against every drum on the market and Dynasty vowed not to release it until it looked better, sounded better, and projected better than any drum on the market. "The time is now and the new DFZ snare drum is a testement to our dedication to developing the best products on the market." said Mark Reynolds, VP of Sales and Marketing for Dynasty USA.


WHITE PLAINS, NY, June 22, 2012The music therapists, those they work with and the residents of Schnurmacher Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing unwrapped a powerful gift of musical healing today, with the donation of a new 4.3 Octave Dynasty Padauk Marimba.  The Deupree Family Foundation purchased the performance quality instrument –which is treasured for its tactile tonality and deep reaching sonic resonance – for Schnurmacher’s music therapy program.


“With this generous donation from the Deupree Family Foundation and the assistance of Dr. Tina F. Chan, PhD, The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function (IMNF) at Schnurmacher Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has one more therapeutic tool to captivate and hold the attention of even patients with limited cognitive ability,” states IMNF President and co-founder Dr. Concetta Tomaino.


This newest addition to Schnurmacher’s music therapy program was celebrated with its inaugural public performance by renowned Marimbist and Vibes virtuoso Allan Molnar and IMNF Music Therapist Marlon Sobol as well as Schnurmacher’s own resident Spanish Band under the direction of Rachel Bond.


The Marimba is becoming a significant addition to the instrument arsenal of music therapists working with people recovering from traumatic brain injuries, stroke, and afflicted with such Neurological disorders as Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias, Parkinson’s Disease and MS. At once powerful and soothing, the Marimba enables patients to literally “feel the music,” particularly at lower ranging octaves.


Of African origin, the Marimba is among the most dominant of all Latin American influenced percussion instruments.  It remains a powerful force in Latin musical traditions, whether in Guatemala (where it is the national instrument) or in the canciones of Mexico and Cuba among other Central and South American. Nations.


“Now,” adds Dr. Tomaino, “that force extends to the healing power of music as well.”

04.27.2012 // WGI 2012!

Dynasty was excited to see all of the amazing groups at the 2012 WGI World Championships. Winning the gold medal in the scholastic A class was Dynasty group, Lebanon High School. The PIO silver medalist was Dynasty group, Minnesota Brass Indoor. Dynasty appreciates all of the hard work these groups put into making our product sound the best. Many Dynasty groups competed at World Championships and we are thankful for all of the support. 

04.20.2012 // Exclusive Interview with Tim Jackson

Dynasty sat down with artist Tim Jackson before WGI World Championships to talk about his life, current projects, and Dynasty drums.

  1. Please tell us a little about your background.  Education, drum corps, musical experience, etc.

I started playing with drumsticks when I was ten, and have never looked back.  I was involved in both DCI and WGI at an early age, and have taught in both activities since I aged out of them.  Most of my time in drum corps was spent with the Concord Blue Devils, and my time indoors with Rhythm X; O had the fortune of teaching with both organizations after aging out.  I’m currently the Ensemble Director of Rhythm X, and after serving as a Battery Coordinator and Movement Designer for three years with the Bluecoats, am now the Visual Caption Head for the corps.

2. What projects are you currently working on?


My time teaching keeps me very busy.  I have numerous private students, give clinics and workshops, and am the percussion director at Dublin Jerome High School.  I have been working recently on a website devoted to the art of marching percussion, as well as a few instructional materials I hoped to have published by the end of the year.  I also love to travel with my wife, spreading the knowledge I have gained through my experiences wherever I can.

3. WGI Championships are this week. Who are the groups you are designing for and how are they doing?


During the indoor season, my attention to the Rhythm X program consumes all of my focus.  They are the only ensemble I currently work with.  After climbing the ranks of the Independent World Class to multiple championships in recent years, the ensemble always feels to be a viable candidate for the next one.  I have devoted a third of my life to the ensemble, and will always do the most I can to help them succeed.

4. What are some technique books or programs you would suggest for band directors or percussion educators to check out?


The body of available instructional texts for our activity should be dramatically increased.  Relative to other families of instruments, the marching percussion art has a small library of published instructional material.  Hopefully this trend will change as our activities continue to thrive.  I would always encourage educators to look to many of the established arrangers and authors of our activity for insight and leadership.  There are also many high quality company websites with portions devoted to educational materials for aspiring marching percussionists. 



04.07.2012 // The CorpsVets Choose Dynasty/Bergerault in 2012

Dynasty USA and Bergerault is excited to announce the Atlanta CorpsVets will be playing Dynasty Percussion and Bergerault keyboards in 2012.

04.01.2012 // Dynasty Hires Northeast Sales Manager

Dynasty USA/ DEG Music Products Inc. is excited to announce the appointment of Mr. Rudy Gowern as
the Northeast Sales Manager.

03.22.2012 // The Caballeros Choose Dynasty for 2012!

Dynasty USA announces a new partnership with the Hawthorne Caballeros.

03.19.2012 // Prof. Johnny Lee Lane Clinic Tour

Professor Johnny Lee Lane just wrapped up a three week clinic tour that took him through Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana.

01.29.2012 // Dynasty Welcomes the Santa Clara Vanguard

We are proud to announce the addition of the Santa Clara Vanguard percussion ensembles to our roster!

01.05.2012 // Dynasty at Indonesian Marching Band Contest

The Marching Band Bontang Pupuk Kaltim (MBBPKT) just returned from the 2011 Grand Prix Marching Band Competition (GPMB) where they won their 10th National Championship! The Grand Prix marching Band Competition is an annual event held for marching bands across Indonesia. This year, it was held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

01.04.2012 // Christopher Deane Visits France

On December 3rd, 2011 Dynasty artist, University of North Texas faculty member, and esteemed composer Christopher Deane, traveled to France to perform a vibraphone master class at the beautiful Conservatory of Cholet. The event was organized by Clarissa Severo de Borba, a former student at UNT, and was a great success.