12.30.2011 // Yokohama Wins 2011 Drum Corps Japan

The 19th All Japan Drum Corps Japan (DCJ) Championships were held on November 27, 2011 at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama, Japan. The Yokohama Scouts were awarded 1st place in the competition for the second year in a row! This makes them a six-time champion of Division I in DCJ.

As with traditional American drum and bugle corps, Official DCJ groups play all G key bugles. They are also split into two divisions. The Yokohama Scouts and Yokohama Inspires competed in Division I, while five groups competed in Division II: Kyoto Jokers, Tokyo Phoenix, Imperial Sound (Nagoya), Phoenix Regiment, and Sonic Lancers. The Yokohama Scouts won Division I and Kyoto Jokers won Division II.  


DCJ welcomes all marching brass (non G bugles) groups to compete as well. Shonandai HS, Pride of Soka (College),  Kamakura HS, Sendai Verdures, Shonan Dolphines were finalists of All Japan Marching Band Contest, with Shonandai winning the non-G bugle group champ.


Sendai Verdures are from northeastern Japan – the area devastated by the catastrophic tsunami in March of 2011. The entire corps was welcomed by applause from the thousands of audience members, and the Verdures drum major was even invited to conduct “You Never Walk Alone” with three-hundred bugles.


Congratulations to the Yokohama Scouts and all of the students that competed this year!