10.22.2011 // Paul Rennick Visits IPU

This October, Dynasty artist Paul Rennick visited Okayama, Japan to see the International Pacific University (IPU) marching band.

IPU is a very special university in Japan. Believe or not, there are very few college marching bands in Japan that are actually associated with the school curriculum, mostly because of the time commitment outside of regular class any music organization requires. While IPU does not have a music department, they wanted to offer a marching band education to all interested students, and in doing so, developed a relationship with the International Marching Art Institute (affiliated to Dynasty Japan) to begin a marching band program. With a mere 13 members, IPU made its marching band debut in 2010 and became a finalist of the National Marching Band Contest. Adding 27 players this year, including several with DCI experience, they started to explore another dimension in performance, and hope to continue growth and excellence in the coming years as they recruit talented students more widely around Eastern Asia.


Paul Rennick visited a rehearsal of theirs saying "I had a great time working with International Pacific University (IPU).  Such discipline and commitment from the members was inspirational.  They really played at the highest level and made me feel very welcome.  Thanks so much to Dynasty for making this trip possible."


IPU proudly uses Dynasty brass and percussion, facilitated by the wonderful people of Dynasty Japan.  IPU and Dynasty Japan are continually working to build excellent college bands (currently no woodwinds) internationally.