01.16.2011 // Pasic 2010

PASIC 2010 was a huge success for Dynasty. The convention was held in Indianapolis this year and marked some great things for Dynasty. We revealed our new Dynasty Signature concert snare drum. We had three of these drums in the booth and the drum was greeted with an amazing response. 10 Ply maple shell with tube lug design casings and a throw off that is second to none. Look for the snare drum to hit the market in 2011. We also showed off some awesome new marching drum finishes that people went crazy for. " We have never been able to put finishes this beautiful on marching drums before. The possibilities are endless with us doing everything in our factory here in the USA." said Mark Reynolds ,VP of Sales and Marketing. We had some amazing clinics and concerts featuring Dynasty artists Janis Potter , Brian Zator and the Texas A&M Commerce Percussion Ensemble , Mark Ford ,Eric Willie , She-e Wu and an amazing vibe solo by Blake Tyson to finish the weekend. Congrats to the PARIS HS and director Shawn Wellman for winning the HS drumline contest and also to the HS snare drum individual winner and the College keyboard solo winner for playing Dynasty and making us sound so good.