11.14.2011 // Oregon Crusaders in Chase Community Giving

Chase Bank is giving away over $3 million to charities, and Dynasty drummers at the Oregon Crusaders are in the top 30 to receive a piece of the pie!

Dynasty artist, Mike Stevens, heads up the drummers at OCI (Oregon Crusaders Indoor). Chase Community Giving will disperse its $3 million+ in grants amongst 100 charities based on votes by YOU. These top 100 will receive $25,000 each, but of course OCI doesn't want to stop there - much like it does in indoor competitions, OCI is going for GOLD! ! The top 5 charities will be awarded $100,000, and the winner will receive $250,000!


Do your part to help out a GREAT organization and group of drummers - they can't do it without you!


                                                       Vote for the Oregon Crusaders in Chase Community Giving here: http://bit.ly/tDi3N2