09.14.2011 // 2011 Drum Corps International World Championships

Everyone here at Dynasty would like to congratulate all of the educators and performers competing in the 2011 Drum Corps International World Championships! Between the open class and world class events held in Michigan City, IN and Indianapolis, IN, respectively, Dynasty percussion and brass had a spectacular showing once again!

After weather conditions cancelled the August 8th show, championships week finally kicked off on August 9th with the Open Class Prelims and Finals rolled into one. Competing Dynasty corps included The Raiders, Yokohama Scouts, Revolution (Dynasty Artist Carlos Botello, Percussion Caption Head and Battery Arranger), Spartans (Dynasty Artist Chris Dufault, Percussion Caption Head) and the silver medalist Oregon Crusaders (Dynasty Artist Mike Stevens). All of these stellar corps proudly performed with both Dynasty brass and percussion!

On August 11th, 12th and 13th, the world class corps had their Prelims, Semis and Finals night in Indianapolis. Again, Dynasty had some amazing talent performing those nights! Pacific Crest used Dynasty brass and percussion, and the Glassmen and Dynasty artist Rob Ferguson (Percussion Caption Head, Front Ensemble and Battery Arranger) sported a Dynasty power trio of brass, percussion and pro audio on the field. The Phantom Regiment and Dynasty Artist Shane Gwaltney (Percussion Caption Head and Battery Arranger) used all Dynasty percussion and pro audio during their musical tale of Romeo and Juliet!

The drum corps fun isn't over yet!

Over Labor Day weekend, September 2nd-4th, Drum Corps Associates (DCA) will be holding their 2011 World Championships in Rochester, NY. Competing Dynasty corps will be using Dynasty brass and percussion this weekend and include the 6-time world champions Reading Buccaneers, Alliance led by Dynasty Artist Alan Sears (Percussion Caption Head and Battery Arranger), and 2010 silver medalists Minnesota Brass led by Dynasty Artist Joel Matuzak (Percussion Caption Head and Battery Arranger).

The Dynasty Crew will be hanging out in Rochester all weekend, so don't hesitate say "hello!" if you see a familiar face!

For scores, tickets, and DCA details, visit: http://www.dcacorps.org/

Last, but not least, Dynasty would like to say thank you to our devoted artists that were involved in other DCI corps this summer. These artists choose Dynasty as their personal instruments of choice, and their loyalty means the world to us:

Tim Jackson, Co-Caption Head for The Bluecoats Andrew Markworth, Front Ensemble Coordinator and Arranger for Carolina Crown Paul Rennick, Percussion Caption Head and Battery Arranger for Santa Clara Vanguard Sandi Rennick, Front Ensemble Arranger for Santa Clara Vanguard Jeremy Noyes, Snare Technician for Santa Clara Vanguard

Thank you and congratulations to all these corps, performers and instructors on an unforgettable season!