11.25.2009 // Tyler Jr. College heads to Europe

Dynasty and Muremo Music is proud to announce that Tyler Jr. College, of Tyler Texas will be going to Europe. The group will be travelling over there in April of 2010 to attend the Indoor Percussion Europe championships. The groups director, Tom McGowan has built the program from nothing to earning a world championship in the last three years. The group has made finals every year and won the WGI world championship in 2008 with their show " Body Language".

" We are proud to have Tyler Jr. College represent Dynasty at the Indoor Percussion Europe Championships in April. The progress they have made in the last three years has been amazing and I know they will have great information to offer the European indoor community." said Mark Reynolds VP Sales & Marketing for Dynasty USA. " We would like to thank Jean Paul Ratajczak of Dynasty Europe and Muremo Music for making this trip a reality for them."