04.25.2008 // Matrix and Father Ryan land back in America

Dynasty USA and Muremo Music was proud to have two of the most exciting indoor ensembles perform at the IPE ( Indoor Percussion Europe) Championships on Sunday March 30th. The Independent World group Matrix and the Scholastic World group Father Ryan High School performed their shows for a crowd of 1400 people. The performances took place at the end of finals and Father Ryan was greeted with a chant of " USA. . .USA" before they performed. When the Father Ryan Ensemble finished their show they were rewarded with a complete standing ovation and again the crowd chanting " One more Time. .. One more time !" After a short break to catch their breath they set up and ran the show one more time for the sold out crowd. Some members of the Father Ryan Ensemble were blown away at the reaction. Derrick Schletzer ( director of the Indoor Ensemble) said " This will probably be the only time the kids will perform in front of a crowd where every single person is pulling for them ."

Matrix Indoor Ensemble took the floor after Father Ryan cleared everything to get in a quick warm-up. The ensemble spent around 15 minutes warming up before their show and was greeted with enormous applause after each warm-up. Matrix took the floor for their performance and stunned the crowd with the velocity of the visual and how they were playing while moving at those speeds. One person that was sitting behind me said " wow, someone could seriously get hurt at that speed ." The show ended with the closer running and drumming at 226 beats per minute. The crowd rose to their feet for a standing ovation and again chanted " On more time. . . One more time !"

The show ended with a rush of kids and instructors coming onto the floor to talk to the kids and staff from both Matrix and Father Ryan. I think everyone had a great time for the next 2hrs talking and even drumming with some of the kids in the ensemble.

Matrix and Father Ryan also spent a lot of time rehearsing while in Europe. Father Ryan had brought over parents to build their massive props while in Europe. The parents said that they wanted the kids to have the best show possible and if that meant spending countless hours to build props then that is what they were going to do. The kids from both ensembles also spent time getting a close up look at Europe. The two ensembles spent time sight seeing in many of Europe's most famous places.

Dynasty USA would like to thank Jean Paul Ratajczak of Muremo Music for making this trip an amazing success. We would also like to thank Rob Ferguson and his staff at Matrix for making this a great experience for everyone. We also want to thank Jeff Schletzer and Derrick Schletzer for their efforts to bring over the first Scholastic group from America to perform at the IPE Championships.

Matrix and Father Ryan Pictures in Europe