05.12.2008 // Godley High School: Small School, Big Drumline!

The Godley High School Wildcat Band had three percussionists for the
2006-2007 school year. This year, the field line exploded to 11 and five others filled in the pit.

"We had no seniors this year and only three juniors," said Percussion Instructor Taylor Cathey. "I knew we needed a quality product that the students would be proud of. We also needed something soon that would last for a long time. These students made the commitment to play, and we wanted them to have the best."

Dynasty was the answer. The new equipment arrived on a Friday before a football game. The dynasty tenors and snares come fully assembled and ready to tune. The bass drums only require lining up the logos and tightening the lugs. Carriers are fully adjustable and go together quickly. Once assembled, the carriers are tight and do not flop around like other brands.

"We were able to get everything ready in a couple hours. The crowd had no idea what they were in for," said Mr. Cathey.

The Dynasty Marching Percussion line offers great volume control. According to Mr. Cathey, "We are a 2A band with 11 percussionists on the field and less than 50 winds. We knew the judges at contest would say we were too loud from the moment we stepped on the field. Fortunately, we were able to play where we needed to for cleanliness, without worrying about volume. At no point in the show did any judge mention that we were too loud."

The GHS band directors are overly happy with the service that comes along with the Dynasty product.

"We had an accident in the stands and broke one of the snare mechanisms,"
said Mr. Cathey. "I contacted Mr. Allan Murray at Dynasty about purchasing the part, but instead they quickly replaced the part at no cost. Dynasty puts out a superior product and has excellent customer support. It is nice when the vice president of the company wants to help out the little guy."

This fall, the WildCat Drumline will enter the Crowley Drumline Contest. Mr.
Cathey is arranging a piece involving several members of the band performing in a rock band setting. Members of the line have high hopes as this will be their first contest. They will enter the Division II Standstill portion for lines with 11 members and under.

The Godley High School WildCat Drumline is under the direction of Jeff Henry, Head Band Director, Taylor Cathey, Percussion Instructor/Associate Band Director, and Carly Simpson, Associate Band Director. The WildCat Drumline uses Vic Firth Drumsticks, and Mike Balter Mallets.