10.20.2008 // USA Judges and Performers Attend "Marching in Okayama!"

Every year Dynasty USA and Dynasty Japan helps sponsor one of the first drum corps shows in the Japanese drum corps and marching band season. The show is in its 21st year and is called "Marching in Okayama" which is held in Okayama, Japan the second weekend in October.

This year there were several American judges that travelled to Okayama for some sightseeing and then to judge the contest. Travelling were Jay Webb, Ron Nankervis, Ed Devlin, Tim Fairbanks and Steve Ulicny. The show is held on the Japanese holiday of Sports Day and is a full day long spectacle. Dynasty USA and Dynasty Japan also sponsored the performances of percussionist Tim Jackson who also played with Dynasty USA endorsed Gequo Percussion.

The Yokohama Scouts won the show again for the 6th time in a row including all captions. Dynasty USA congratulates all the performers for a job well done.

10.15.2008 // Yokohama Scouts Win 2008 "Marching in Okayama" Contest!

For the 6th year in a row the Yokohama Scouts won the annual "Marching in Okayama!" contest held every Sports Day in Okayama, Japan. There were USA judges involved in the contest .......  Mr. Jay Webb, Mr. Micheal Turner, Mr. Ed Devlin, Mr. Steve Ulicny and Mr. Ron Nankervis. Tim Jackson, the new battery caption supervisor for the Blue Coats, did an exciting performance in exhibition for the crowd and is now on a 10 day clinic tour in Shizuoka, Shikoku and Tokyo.

Dynasty USA wants to congratulate all the groups that perfromed at "Marching in Okayama!"

10.13.2008 // Dynasty USA Congratulates Hill Grove High School Marching Band and Chris Romanowski.
The Hillgrove High School Marching band from Powder Springs, Ga traveled to the Bands of America Regional this past weekend in Orlando Florida and made the Regional Finals, where they placed 8th. Chris Romanowski is the Director of Percussion for the Hillgrove High School band and had these thoughts on the weekend.

"This was a special moment for the Hawks because it was their first trip away from home to a Regional, and the school is only in its 3rd year of existence. The kids have been working hard putting together this years program which includes it's first ever full percussion section in our short history! In three short years we have grown from nine total pitted percussionists, to 5 snares, 3 quads, 5 basses, and 11 in the front ensemble. We have our first and only senior in the percussion section this year, so our section is going to continue to grow, and this is very exciting for us!"

10.09.2008 // Dynasty USA Congratulates all of the 2008 Champions with new Champion Ad!

Dynasty USA congratulates all of its champions for 2008.The pictures from top left to right are DCUK and DCE Champion, The Senators from the UK. WGI Independent World Percussion Champions Rhythm X from the United States.The  DCE Percussion Champions Jubal, from the Netherlands. The WGI Independent A Percussion Champions Pioneer Indoor from the United States.  The WGI Independent Open Champions, Tyler Jr. College from the United States. The  DCA Open Champions and the DCA Percussion Champions,  Reading Buccaneers from the United States.  The DCA Class A Champions and the DCA Class A Percussion Champions, Alliance from the United States. The DCI Brass Champions,  Blue Devils from the United States and the DCI Champions and DCI Percussion Champions , The Phantom Regiment from the United States.

Dynasty proudly congratulates 646 performers, 114 staff members on 9 World Championships in 2008.

09.16.2008 // Carlisle High School Chooses Dynasty USA Percussion.
Mike Hillegas, percussion instructor from Carlisle High School in Carlisle, PA sent us this wonderful picture of the students with their new drums, stands, covers and carriers. Mike is a fantastic percussionist in the Carlisle, PA area playing in many venues and Mike also teaches and writes for many bands. Dynasty USA thanks Mike and the students at Carlisle and we hope that the 2008 marching season is a successful one.

09.05.2008 // Reading Buccaneers Win 4th Consecutive DCA Championship in Rochester, NY!
The Reading Buccaneers and the Alliance of Atlanta, GA were victorious at the Drum Corps Associate Championships this past labor Day weekend in Rochester, NY. Both the Buccs and Alliance captured the high percussion award and the high brass award went to the Empire Statesmen. Other groups competing at DCA Championships were as follows ........ MN Brass, Inc in 2nd place with a score of 96.513, Empire Statesmen in 3rd place with a score of 95.063, Connecticut Hurricanes in 4th place with a score of 94.913, Hawthorne Caballeros in 5th place with a score of 93.625, Bushwackers in 6th place with a score of 93.425, Brigadiers in 7th place with a score of 90.013 and the Rochester Crusaders in 10th place with a score of 83.738. In class A championships it was Alliance of Atlanta, GA in 1st place with a score of 82.750 and SoCal Dream in 4th place with a score of 77.438. In Percussion Ensemble Individuals CADRE percussion ensemble from Canada won it's 3rd consecutive title as well. Dynasty USA would like to take the time to congratulate all the competing groups at DCA. It was a wonderful weekend of drum corps and a show to remember. Thanks to all the corps, their staff's, members and administrators and a special thanks to the city of Rochester, NY and Alan Buell for a job well done. PICTURES ARE COMING SOON!

08.18.2008 // Bill Bachman reflects on his Trip to Taiwan 2008!
Hey guys, I recently returned from teaching marching percussion at the Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp held at the Taipei National University School of the Arts in Taiwan. The week long percussion camp in its ninth year had 170 students from fifth graders all the way up to college music majors. The students were divided up into seven classes based on age and skill level. They all had daily classes in different disciplines of percussion: Marimba, Jazz Vibes, Steel Drum, Drumset, Marching Percussion and three different styles of traditional Chinese percussion.

The students were great to work with! They were very open and interested in the drumline classes even with it being a rare thing in their musical culture. There's a lot of really good general percussion instruction going on over there so they were all good readers and caught on quick. We worked on fundamentals for the first two sessions, and then got on the drums to learn a few cadences of mine from my "Street Jams book 1" (published by JW3.com). It was great to watch them having fun with the beats, especially once all of the visuals we could possibly fit were added in.

The week ended with a concert where the students of all levels performed on various percussion instruments for an audience of about 500. I had three groups selected to perform on marching drums which included the 5th graders! They were a big hit and watching them go at it isn't something I'll soon forget.

The translators turned out to be more like Teacher's Assistants, most were percussion majors studying in the US and were actually capable of teaching the classes themselves! My translator Yi-Jan Liu (a.k.a. Rachel) is working on her Doctorate at the University of North Texas and even had drumcorps experience. It's funny that she was my ride from the airport to the hotel a month earlier when I was in Denton for the UNT drumline camp. Small world!

My favorite thing about overseas trips like this is getting to know the people and their culture. The people are kind and are passionate about what they do, the food is good and of course I love the history and art/architecture. If you have the chance to visit Taiwan I highly recommend it--be sure to stop by the Taipei National University of the Arts and reef some beats for me!

-Bill ><>

08.20.2008 // Phantom Regiment Wins Second Drum Corps International Championship!
This past week in Bloomington, Indiana the Phantom Regiment won their 2nd Drum Corps International title with a score of 98.125 besting the Blue Devils with a score of 98.100. In one of the closest finishes in DCI Championship history Phantom Regiment took the Fred Sanford High Percussion Award for the 2 time in 3 years and the Blue Devils received the Jim Ott High Brass Award for the 5th time in the last 8 years! In other placements the Glassmen were 11th in World with a score of 87.200 and the Pacific Crest placed 17th with a score of 79.650. In the Open Championships Blue Devils B was 2nd with a score of 96.775, Oregon Crusaders were 4th with a score of 93.025, Revolution was 8th with a score of 88.650, Dutch Boy was 10th with 84.975, Memphis Sound was 11th with 84.400, Yamato was 12th with 84.200, Spartans 14th with a score of 82.700, Racine Scouts 19th with 74.300, Stragnas from Sweden 20th with 71.050 and Spirit of Newark 21st with a score of 67.450.
Congratulations to all the members, staff, administration and volunteers for all these drum corps and to all the drum corps in general for making DCI Championships such a special week for all the fans. Check back here next week for all the pictures and videos from DCI Championship week.

07.17.2008 // Brett Dietz Joins Dynasty USA

Dynasty USA Percussion is proud to announce the addition of Brett Dietz to the Dynasty USA Percussion family. We are very excited about the wealth of knowledge and musicianship that Brett brings to the company. We know that Brett will be a huge help in furthering our concert percussion instruments here at Dynasty USA. We are very lucky to have Brett on board with us and we are looking forward to a great relationship with Mr. Dietz..

Read more about Brett Dietz.

06.02.2008 // Phantom Regiment OnQ Snare Drum Camp
This past weekend Phantom Regiment had their OnQ Snare Drum Camp with Paul Rennick, Marty Hurley, Jeff Hassan and Ellis Hampton. Also there was drum doctor GURU Sam Flores who prepped and took care of all the drums for the camp. Around 40 students were on hand for the Snare Drum Camp and a good time was had by all. Congratulations to all the campers and a big thank you to all the staff and the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps. 

05.27.2008 // Blake Tyson Performs at the University of Oklahoma

Blake Tyson recently performed a concert and presented a master class at the University of Oklahoma. He performed many works on the concert including a couple of his own compositions . His repertoire for this concert included the following:

A Cricket Song . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Blake Tyson
Sonic No. 7. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Halim El-Dabh
In Search of Three Goddesses. . . Halim El-Dabh
Anubis. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Blake Tyson
Secrets of the Sky and Earth. . . . Halim El-Dabh
Cloud Forest. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Blake Tyson

05.16.2008 // Canadian Clinic by Joe Shuker from Dutch Boy!

Joe Shuker recently did a clinic in Southern Ontario for Dynasty USA and Dutch Boy. Joe said the kids were very excited and recpetive to drumming of any kind and when they answered the correct questions Joe rewarded the students with door prizes. Joe is an ex- Cavalier snare section leader and is the caption head arranger at Dutch Boy. Dynasty USA is proud to have Joe doing clinis for Dynasty USA in Canada where some of DCI's finest rundimental drummers have come from.

Joe Shuker Bio

Joe Shuker has been involved in the marching percussion scene since 1988, when he was 8 years old. He has worked with numerous groups in Canada and the United States. His ability to teach and write for a wide range of ages and abilities has made him a sought after arranger for Drum Corps and Marching Bands. He owns and operates his own production company 2rl Productions, and is an active Percussionist in the Greater Toronto Area. Joe is Excited to join the Dynasty Team. Marching Percussion History • 1988-89 Ridge Raiders "The Dynasty Edge is attention to detail, a genuine interest in the activity, and the musicians. I couldn't be more pleased to be a part of this great team" - Joe Shuker • 1990-96 Kiwanis Kavaliers • 1997-2001 Cavaliers • 1999, 2000 2nd place (Individual Snare) • 2002 S.P.Y.E. Caption Head and Arranger • 2002 Magic of Orlando Div 2 champion Percussion Section • 2003 - 2007 Northcoast Academy Instructor/Consultant.

11.08.2008 // CADRE Gets New Dynasty USA Drums!

Two time DCA World Champion  CADRE Percussion Ensemble recently took delivery of 10 new Dynasty USA snare drums, stand and cases. "We are excited that CADRE has once again decided on Dynasty USA as their drum company" said Allan Murray, Vice President of Sales. "CADRE along with Fred Johnson and Paul Mosley, are the leaders in percussion and we are proud to be associated with them."

CADRE will once again be competing at DCA in Rochester, NY on Labor Day weekend defending their title and Dynasty USA will be there once again to see it all happen. 

05.12.2008 // New Website for Drummers!
Snare Space    a new website for drummers. http://www.snarespace.com  It is like a 'myspace' but for drumline drummers. Everyone gets their own personal profile to tweak. There are forums, blogs and interviews with prominent people in the field.  If you get a chance check this out!

05.12.2008 // Godley High School: Small School, Big Drumline!

The Godley High School Wildcat Band had three percussionists for the
2006-2007 school year. This year, the field line exploded to 11 and five others filled in the pit.

"We had no seniors this year and only three juniors," said Percussion Instructor Taylor Cathey. "I knew we needed a quality product that the students would be proud of. We also needed something soon that would last for a long time. These students made the commitment to play, and we wanted them to have the best."

Dynasty was the answer. The new equipment arrived on a Friday before a football game. The dynasty tenors and snares come fully assembled and ready to tune. The bass drums only require lining up the logos and tightening the lugs. Carriers are fully adjustable and go together quickly. Once assembled, the carriers are tight and do not flop around like other brands.

"We were able to get everything ready in a couple hours. The crowd had no idea what they were in for," said Mr. Cathey.

The Dynasty Marching Percussion line offers great volume control. According to Mr. Cathey, "We are a 2A band with 11 percussionists on the field and less than 50 winds. We knew the judges at contest would say we were too loud from the moment we stepped on the field. Fortunately, we were able to play where we needed to for cleanliness, without worrying about volume. At no point in the show did any judge mention that we were too loud."

The GHS band directors are overly happy with the service that comes along with the Dynasty product.

"We had an accident in the stands and broke one of the snare mechanisms,"
said Mr. Cathey. "I contacted Mr. Allan Murray at Dynasty about purchasing the part, but instead they quickly replaced the part at no cost. Dynasty puts out a superior product and has excellent customer support. It is nice when the vice president of the company wants to help out the little guy."

This fall, the WildCat Drumline will enter the Crowley Drumline Contest. Mr.
Cathey is arranging a piece involving several members of the band performing in a rock band setting. Members of the line have high hopes as this will be their first contest. They will enter the Division II Standstill portion for lines with 11 members and under.

The Godley High School WildCat Drumline is under the direction of Jeff Henry, Head Band Director, Taylor Cathey, Percussion Instructor/Associate Band Director, and Carly Simpson, Associate Band Director. The WildCat Drumline uses Vic Firth Drumsticks, and Mike Balter Mallets.

07.29.2008 // Dynasty USA Welcomes Scott Herring!

Dynasty USA is pleased to welcome Scott Herring, assistant Professor of Percussion at the University of South Carolina, to the Dynasty USA family. Scott is an accomplished musician, teacher and clinician and he will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to Dynasty USA's growing concert percussion family. Scott joins a list of Dynasty USA concert artists that include Mark Ford, She-e Wu, Brian Zator, Blake Tyson,Paul and Sandi Rennick, JIm Carey, Tim and Tom Ouderits, Evert Van Eynde and the group Pulse.

Check back frequently to see an ever expanding list of Dynasty USA concert artists as once again Dynasty USA welcomes Mr. Scott Herring!

05.06.2008 // Archbishop Wood HS Wins with Dynasty!
It has been quite a year for Warminster Pennsylvania’s Archbishop Wood Percussion program. Starting with this past falls outdoor marching band season and the recently completed Cavalcade Indoor Association’s indoor season, Wood successfully defended the Cavalcade of Bands High Percussion Awards they garnered in the fall of 2006 and the winter of 2007.

Their 2008 indoor percussion season came to an exciting conclusion during the weekend of May 1-4 in Wildwood New Jersey for the recently completed Tournament of Bands Indoor season, when Wood came from 5 tenths down after preliminary competition to win the Open class division by two tenths with a score of 93.9. With that win Archbishop Wood Percussion Program capped of an undefeated 2007-2008 school year. Loosing just 2 seniors to graduation this year, the unit looks to duplicate their success in 2008-09.

Wood has used Dynasty USA drums exclusively for over 10 years and has racked up an impressive record during that time winning 2 TOB Atlantic Coast All-Chapter Championships; 6 TOB Chapter 3 Championships; 1 USSBA All-States Championship; 2 USSBA PA State Championships; 3 USSBA Regional Championships; 2 Cavalcade of Bands Championships and 2 Cavalcade Indoor Association Championships.

Archbishop Wood is under the direction of Caption Head and Arranger Scott Wolfinger and is assisted by Mr. Chad Kilhefner, Nick Geoffries, Ian Carr, Matt Kuhner and Miss Chelsea Bolerno.

04.24.2008 // University Of North Texas Summer Marimba Workshop!

The University of North Texas is hosting our second annual Summer Marimba Workshop on June 23rd-27th. This workshop will feature high school and college/professional tracks with experienced faculty such as She-e Wu, Christopher Deane, Brian Zator and myself. To down load an application form go to


This will be a great week of marimba!
Private lessons and master classes
Ensembles based on experience and ability
Technique classes
Student solo and ensemble performances throughout the week
Faculty recital

Mark Ford
UNT Coordinator Percussion
PAS Past-President

04.25.2008 // Dynasty USA at the WGI Championships, Dayton, OH!

Dynasty USA would like to congratulate Rx, Tyler Jr. College and Pioneer Indoor for their championships this last weekend in Dayton, OH at the WGI Indoor Percussion Championships. The performances of all the groups were exciting and it was evident that everyone had a fun time during a spectacular three days of competition. Competing in the championships were as follows.............   check back soon for the WGI Event Gallery with all the pictures and video from the championships!

Independent World

Rhythm X 1st Place
Riverside Com. College 2nd Place
Aimachi, Japan 3rd Place
North Coast Academy 5th Place
Freelancers 7th Place
Matrix 9th Place
Redline 10th Place
Pariah 16th Place

Independent Open

Tyler Jr. College 1st Place
Stryke Percussion 3rd Place
Palmetto Percussion 5th Place
Valley Independent 6th Place
Elements Indoor 8th Place
MN Brass Indoor 9th Place

Independent A

Pioneer Indoor 1st Place

Scholastic World

Choctawhatchee High School 4th Place

Centerville HS 5th place
Hilliard Darby High School 7th Place
Father Ryan High School 14th Place
Fred J. Page High School 17th Place

Scholastic Open

Stamford High School 6th Place
Franklin Central High School 12th Place
Kings High School 17th Place
Clovis East High School 19th Place
Plainfield High School
Destrehan High School
Powhatan High School
Houston High School

Scholastic A

Greenfield Central High School 2nd Place
Milton High School 3rd Place
Long Beach High School
Springstowne Middle School
Olentangy Liberty High School
Harrison Central High School
Centerville High School
Lebanon High School
Rochester Lourdes High School

Scholastic Concert World

Goshen High School 2nd Place
Tunstall High School 3rd Place

Again congratulations to all the groups and schools, the staff's and supporting casts and good luck for the rest of 2008.

04.21.2008 // Matrix in Europe!
Check out the link below for an article and pictures on Matrix's trip to Europe.

04.10.2008 // Top Secret Drumline from Basel, Switzerland Joins Dynasty USA Family!
Dynasty USA and Muremo Music are pleased to announce a new relationship effective immediately with Top Secret Drum Corps and Erik Julliard, from Basel, Switzerland. Top Secret is famous throughout the world for their spirited performances of precision and excitement. On March 29th Top Secret will debut with Dynasty USA and Muremo Music at the Indoor Percussion Europe Championships that will be attended by Top Secret Drum Corps, Matrix Indoor Percussion Ensemble and Father Ryan High School Percussion Ensemble.
"We are pleased to announce this relationship with Top Secret Drum Corps" said Allan Murray, vice president of Dynasty USA. "Top Secret Drum Corps is the leader in marching percussion for drum lines in all of Europe and possibly the world. As you can see by their YOU TUBE exposure Top Secret Drum Corps has a huge following not only in Europe but worldwide!"

About Top Secret Drum Corps http://www.topsecretbasel.ch

About Muremo http://www.muremo.be/

About Dynasty USA/ DEG

Dynasty USA is a division of DEG Music Products, Inc. DEG Music Products is the manufacturer of Dynasty USA Brasswind & Dynasty USA Percussion Instruments and Schafer band instruments; North American distributor of Willson professional brass instruments and offers a complete range of DEG accessories for wind instruments.

Dynasty USA Brass
Dynasty manufactures a complete choir of marching brass voices. They are endorsed by championship marching bands and drum corps.

Dynasty USA Percussion
Dynasty manufactures Concert Percussion, Marching Percussion and Mallet Percussion. Dynasty percussion Instruments are the choice of leading artists and ensembles.

Schafer Brass Instruments
Schafer brass instruments are an outstanding student line of upright tubas and baritone horns.

DEG Accessories
DEG offers dealers a complete line of accessory products for wind instruments and percussion.

Contact Information
P.O. Box 968, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 53147
PH: (262) 248-8314 ? FX: (262) 248-7953.
E-mail: info@dynastybi.net

04.25.2008 // Matrix and Father Ryan land back in America

Dynasty USA and Muremo Music was proud to have two of the most exciting indoor ensembles perform at the IPE ( Indoor Percussion Europe) Championships on Sunday March 30th. The Independent World group Matrix and the Scholastic World group Father Ryan High School performed their shows for a crowd of 1400 people. The performances took place at the end of finals and Father Ryan was greeted with a chant of " USA. . .USA" before they performed. When the Father Ryan Ensemble finished their show they were rewarded with a complete standing ovation and again the crowd chanting " One more Time. .. One more time !" After a short break to catch their breath they set up and ran the show one more time for the sold out crowd. Some members of the Father Ryan Ensemble were blown away at the reaction. Derrick Schletzer ( director of the Indoor Ensemble) said " This will probably be the only time the kids will perform in front of a crowd where every single person is pulling for them ."

04.09.2008 // Pioneer Indoor and Dog the Bounty Hunter!
On April 11, 2008 the Pioneer Indoor will be filming with #1 A&E show Dog the Bounty hunter in Mooseheart, Illinois. The show will be aired during season five of the series. Duane Chapman, AKA DOG the Bounty Hunter from A&E's #1 Reality TV Show, will be in concert with bands Echoing Angels, Inhabited, Flatfoot 56, and Will Duvall for two very different concert nights. He'll speak for 45 minutes from his heart about his life, tragedies, triumphs, and faith. This is an extremely rare personal appearance. The Pioneer Indoor Ensemble from Romeoville IL, will open the festivities with their 2008 production “On a Roll”. “This is going to be a great experience for our members and a wonderful publicity tool for our growing ensemble. We are very lucky to have this experience and we hope this will open up more opportunities for other WGI lines” Says director Adam Hill. Please check back with WGI for airing times and dates.
Pioneer will be performing at 6pm on Thursday night of WGI.
Pioneer Indoor
2007 WGI PIA Champions
Dynasty, Promark, Zildjian, Evans

04.01.2008 // 2008 WGI Nashville Regional Championship!
This past weekend in Nashville there were several Dynasty USA family members competing in the regional. At this time Dynasty USA would like to congratulate Rx for winning Independent World, Centerville High School for winning Scholastic World, ED White and Kings High Schools for placing first and second respectively in Scholastic Open! Others playing over the weekend were Greenfield Central Indiana High School, Destrehan LA High School, Long Beach MS High School, Harrison Central MS High School, Fort Walton Beach FL High School, Houston TN High School, Fred J. Page TN High School, Tyler Jr. College Percussion Ensemble, Palmetto Percussion, Elements Indoor Performing Ensemble and Pariah Percussion.

Despite the rainy weekend it was a fun time. it was nice to get to see all the groups and we spent time out at several rehearsal sites on Friday and Saturday including taking pictures and videos in the lot. Again congratulations to all the competing groups and we will see you all in Dayton in 3 weeks for the championships.

04.01.2008 // Dynasty USA Congratulates Boom Boom's Mike Nessen!
Recently Mike Nessen of Boom Boom Percussion completed 13.1 miles of a charity marathon in 2 hours and 31 minutes! Wow congratulations Mike from all of us here at Dynasty USA/ DEG Music Products, Inc.

03.18.2008 // So Cal Dream Plays Dynasty USA Percussion.
These pictures are from the most recent So Cal Dream camp where they debuted their new Dynasty USA percussion. Chris Rodriquez, percusion caption head, is excited and loves the drums sound and look. And they do look "sweet" as Chris proclaimed. Thank So Cal Dream......................

03.18.2008 // Mark Ford at University of Virginia Clinic.
Renowned educator and performer Mark Ford presented a masterclass at the University of Virginia on Tuesday, Feb. 26th, 2008. In addition to Ford's inspirational performance, the clinic focused on four-mallet techniques and exercises, effective practicing, and musicianship. The masterclass was co-sponsored by Dynasty, Innovative Percussion, Evans, Latin Percussion and the McIntire Department of Music at the University of Virginia, and was hosted by I-Jen Fang (Director of Percussion Studies).

03.17.2008 // Introducing Blake Tyson
Dynasty USA is proud to announce new artist Blake Tyson.

03.14.2008 // Bill Bachman Clinic in Boise, ID for PAS Day of Percussion

Bill Bachman recently did a clinic for the Idaho PAS Day of Percussion. If you haven't had a chance to see one of Bill's clinics you need to check his schedule here or on his web site and try to get to one soon. His clinic is fantastic and he is quite the performer as well. Bill's next clinic will be at the Florida Day of Percussion on April 12, 2008 in Orlando, FL.

For a list of Bill's clinics check the Dynasty website here...   http://dynastyband.com/clinic/



03.06.2008 // Destrehan High School, LA/ Synergy Indoor Percussion Perform at Keith Urban Concert!

These shots were sent to us from Byron Toups, Director of Bands, at Destrehan High School in LA. The kids had the opportunity to play on stage with Keith Urban so here the pictures are..............what a great time!

03.04.2008 // Phantom Regiment and Dynasty USA!
This past Phantom Regiment camp I spent the weekend with the administration, staff and kids. It was a fun time and it is obvious from listening to what they are putting together and playing that this will be a special year for the Regiment! Thanks to Rick, Dan and Paul for making me and Dynasty USA feel welcome..................

Allan Murray
Vice President, Dynasty USA

03.04.2008 // Longwood University hosted a visit by renowned educator Mark Ford!
Longwood University hosted a visit by renowned educator Mark Ford on February 26th. In addition to performing, Mark gave a masterclass featuring Longwood University percussion majors John Hogge, Katie Hancock, as well as junior Natalia Halsey performing one of her original compositions. The clinic focused on a variety of issues related to effective practicing, giving musically inspired performances, and planning for careers in music. Dynasty, Innovative Percussion, Evans, Zildjian, Latin Percussion and Longwood University co-sponsored this event, which was hosted by Michael Schutz (Director of Percussion Studies). For more information on this or other events in central Virginia, please see www.mschutz.net/about_events.html

03.05.2008 // Pupuk Kaltim Wins Drum Battle in Jakarta, Indonesia!
Last week Rene Conway and his drum line Pupuk Kaltim from Kalimantan did a clinic for Wijaya Music at the Darunnajah Marching Band Competition (DMC). There was a "Drum Battle" after the competition and we are happy to say that Rene and PK were victorious!

In these pictures, Pupuk Kaltim is warming up with "The Beaters", the 2nd place winner. Enjoy...................

03.04.2008 // 2008 WGI Indy Regional Pictures Online Now!

This past weekend was the 2008 WGI Indy Regional. There were many Dynasty USA groups there and a good time was had by all. Take the time to let the 100 or so pictures from the weekend load and then enjoy looking at them all. We had fun taking them and hopefully it shows! Congratulations to all.

02.20.2008 // South Mississippi Percussion Clinic and Paul Rennick!
Paul Rennick recently did a clinic at the South Mississippi Percussion Clinic and had a great time. The clinic was well attended and Dynasty USA would like to thank Paul and Curt Smith the Director of Percussion of the Natchez-Adams School District there. Please take the time to look at the flyer attached from the clinic.

02.20.2008 // Valley Independent Plays Dynasty USA!
Valley Independent will be appearing at the Rancho Mirage WGI Regional in a few weeks and also they will be in Dayton, OH for the WGI Championships in April. Here are a few pictures from a recent rehearsal.

02.18.2008 // NorthCoast Academy is proud to present their 2008 production entitled “Unsquare.”

Written by familiar veteran staff members Martin Hotte, Nick Pourcho and Scott Allen, “Unsquare” takes everything NorthCoast fans have come to expect from the group (“Lots of notes and high octane drill!” – WGI Focus), and puts a spin on it. Please enjoy the show as NCA takes you through their version of “square” dancing while playing an “unsquare” interpretation of some of Dave Brubeck’s and Steven Bryant’s classic tunes!

NorthCoast Academy Launches Video Podcast

An inside look at NCA's 2008 production

On Feb. 3rd, NorthCoast Academy launched the first of their 2008 Video Podcast Series. The podcasts are presented as 2 to 10 minute documentary clips featuring an inside look at NCA's 2008 production, "Unsquare," as well as an update on how the season is progressing. The NCA Video Podcast Series will be updated every two weeks and is available either as streaming videos from their website, or free high-quality downloads through iTunes for viewing on an iPod or Apple TV.

Watch the NCA Podcast Series exclusively at www.northcoastacademy.org.

02.07.2008 // PASIC Marching Percussion Festival 2008


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – February 1, 2008 – The Percussive Arts Society will host their annual indoor Marching Percussion Festival November 6 and 7, 2008 at the Austin Convention Center, in Austin, Texas. The festival takes place in conjunction with the 33rd Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC), the largest annual gathering of drummers and percussionists from around the world. PASIC consists of over 115 events on 13 stages and includes clinics, concerts and master classes in all areas of percussion.

The Marching Percussion Festival is known as one of the premiere marching festivals for presenting some of the most cutting-edge, contemporary marching percussion performances by high school and college marching individuals and percussion ensembles from across the country. The competition includes high school and college divisions in individual solo competition (snare, tenor, timpani and keyboard) and small ensemble (3-9 members), standstill and drum line.

The number of participants is limited and performance slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants are asked to submit materials quickly, as the last time the Marching Percussion Festival was held in Austin, Texas, festival capacity was reached months before the printed application deadline. Applications are currently available at www.pasic.org and will be accepted through September 14.

For rules, regulations and registration information go to www.pasic.org, e-mail percarts@pas.org, or phone PAS at (317) 974-4488.
Link to the PASIC Marching Percussion Festival Information Page:


About PAS
The Percussive Arts Society was established in 1961 as a non-profit music service organization. Its mission is to promote percussion education, research, performance and appreciation throughout the world. PAS is the world’s largest percussion organization with more than 7,000 members representing over 50 countries and serves as the central source for information and networking for drummers and percussionists of all ages.

For more information about the Percussive Arts Society visit www.pas.org or call (317) 974-4488.

Jon Feustel
Director of Marketing and Communications

02.07.2008 // Upcoming Mark Ford Clinic at the University of Virginia!
The McIntire Department of Music will present a free Marimba masterclass with Mark Ford on Tuesday, February 26th 2008 at 7:30pm in room B18 of Old Cabell Hall. The masterclass will focus on four-mallet techniques and warm-up exercises. Participants are encouraged to bring their own mallets for the masterclass.

02.07.2008 // Seattle Seahawks "Blue Thunder!"
Since 2004 the Seattle Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline has been the heartbeat of the fans at Qwest Field. Performing over 100 times per year for over 1.3 million people, Blue Thunder is the largest drumline in the NFL and hosts guest drummers during football season. Guests have included Alan White (YES), Steve Smith (Journey), Jason Finn (Presidents of the USA), Mike Derosier (Heart), and Scott Rockenfield (Queensryche).
Blue Thunder proudly uses and abuses Dynasty Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks and Remo Drumheads. Blue Thunder also supports Rockenwraps and Bucketdrumz.

01.09.2008 // Phantom Regiment Teams with Dynasty USA for Percussion Instruments!
ROCKFORD (Jan. 8, 2008) – Phantom Regiment is pleased to announce a new partnership with DEG/Dynasty USA Music Products. Under this three-year agreement, Phantom Regiment will utilize DEG/Dynasty USA percussion equipment in all field and stage performances. In addition, Phantom Regiment will appear at clinics and special performances on behalf of DEG/Dynasty USA.

“Our Dynasty USA marching instruments have been the market leader in the marching band and drum corps market for many years,” said Mark Schafer, CEO of DEG Music Products Inc. “Our partnership with Phantom Regiment and its staff will further enhance the design of our percussion products.”

This relationship provides an opportunity for extensive collaboration between Paul Rennick, percussion caption head and arranger for Phantom Regiment, Allan Murray and the DEG/Dynasty USA percussion team to further elevate the standard for marching percussion equipment.

“We couldn’t be happier with the new relationship with Dynasty USA Percussion,” Rennick said. “We look forward to working together with everyone at Dynasty USA in creating some great music for years to come.”

About DEG/Dynasty

DEG Music Products Inc. has supplied a complete line of wind instruments and percussion to music dealers since 1965. DEG Music Products is dedicated to developing and marketing state-of-the-art instruments, which both enhance performance and further the art form. DEG Music Products is a proud sponsor of the Drum Corps International World Championships and the 21st Century Drum and Bugle Corps Foundation.

About Phantom Regiment

Phantom Regiment is a youth organization dedicated to the development of self-esteem and self-reliance. It encourages teamwork, sportsmanship, civic pride and contributions of one's personal best to a group effort. These lessons are learned through a musical and marching activity in which there is a blending of the arts and athletics.

Founded in 1956, the corps won the world championship in 1996 and has finished among the top three 10 times. It has the second-longest active streak of consecutive appearances in DCI’s world championship finals.

For more about the organization, go to www.regiment.org

01.02.2008 // Franklin Central High School Senior Percussionist Austin Cochran won the Multi-Tenor Category!

Franklin Central High School Senior Percussionist Austin Cochran won the multi-tenor category at this year’s Indiana Percussion Association Individuals Competition. The competition was held at the Annual IPA Clinic Day on December 15th, 2007 at Plainfield HS. Austin competed against high school students from across the state. Austin is the first Percussionist from Franklin Central to win this state competition. He performed Bill Bachman’s Opie’s Changes, a difficult solo with many technical and musical challenges.

All here at Dynasty USA would like to congratulate Austin for such a wonderful job!

01.02.2008 // Carlsbad High School Drum Line wins High Percussion!

On Saturday December 1st the Carlsbad High school Marching Lancers competed at the class 3A SCSBOA championship competition. Of the 10 bands invited to the event, the Marching Lancers drumline was awarded the high percussion trophy, and supported the band in their 3rd place finish. The CHS band would like tho thank Alan, Mark, and everyone at Dynasty for their support over the last few years.

Greg Anderson
Director of Bands
Carlsbad High School