06.11.2007 // Michael Huestis Clinic-June 6th, 2007, Highland High School, Pocatello, ID

Dynasty clinician Michael Huestis presented a Marching Percussion Clinic June 6th at Highland High School in Pocatello, Idaho with approximately 40 students and teachers in attendance.
He started with dispelling some common myths about drumlines. He also included the different types of strokes along with applications for the mallet keyboard percussionists to work with the drumline. He also explained his application of the KISS principal(Keep It Simple Silly).
Michael stressed how important the pit application is to not only a competitive drumline. but also to add great colors to the marching band as a whole. He explained that many times an ok drumline with a great pit can be competitive and students that are willing to play in the pit percussion section are “rock stars” in his book. He gave some tips for the pit as far as performance aspects and how to achieve the best results.
He gave a section of the clinic devoted to his 4 steps:
1. Play the correct part
2. Play in time
3. Play the correct volume
4. Play the correct interpretation
and explained each application so the students & teachers would know how to maximize the performance for the section and the entire band.
The last section of the clinic was devoted to ways of correcting timing problems on the football field. Michael also played a marching snare solo to finish things up, followed by time for the various drumlines to get to know each other.
One of the best aspects of Michael Huestis as a clinician is his emphasis on the various drumlines being friends, not in each other’s faces. He continually stressed that drumlines compete with the time and the calendar, not each other and when the show is over, everyone is friends involved with a great musical activity.