01.31.2007 // Marching Band Pupik Kaltim Wins Indonesian Grand Prix Championship!

Marching Band Pupik Kaltim from Bontang, Kalimantan won the Indonesian Grand Prix Championship for the 8th time! Rene Conway designed a show based on the music from the Indonesian rock group "Dewa 19" led by Amad Dhani who came to see the band perform at the championships. Dhani's appearance caused quite a stir at the Grand Prix as he was swamped by well wishers and autograph seekers.

"We want to congratulate Rene and all the members of Pupik Kaltim for their 8th championship at the Grand Prix" stated Allan Murray, Vice President of Sales for Dynasty USA. "Rene and the kids always do a wonderful job and we are fortunate to have them as part of the Dynasty USA family.

In the last year Dynasty international family members such as Jubal from the Netherlands won the Drum Corps Europe Championship, Wolper Lowen won the Drum Corps Germany Championship and Aimachi won the Japan All Marching Band Championship! Congratulations to all these wonderful groups for their achievements this past year!