01.31.2007 // Jubal tops Drum Corps Europe Championships

After completing a very successful three weeks' tour through the USA, Jubal came back to Europe to win two championships and be crowned both National and European Champions. Jubal's feeder corps Jong Jubal took both Championships titles as well.
The heat was on in Rotterdam last Saturday, when a total of 14 Open Class corps, 4 Cadet Class corps and 4 Marching Percussion Class brought a total of five European countries together for the annual Drum Corps Europe Championships.
The spread in points after the morning's prelims (only 1.15 between the top 4 corps) in Open Class already announced that it would be a very spectacular Finals night. It turned out to be the most exciting finals ever.
That same evening, in front of an over-enthused crowd, Jubal managed to take the lead by a mere 0,05 points over England's Northern Star from Leeds and the reigning DCUK Champions Senators from Eatleigh, who placed third.
Jubal's 2006 program is entitled "The Chase" and treated the crowd to music from "The Incredibles", "Sentimental Journey"and "Twin Peaks".
This has by far been the corps' most successful season in many years with two titles to their name. Last week at the Drum Corps Nederland national championships Jubal took a very strong lead over the other competitors.
Jubal was also crowned DCE Champions in 2003.

Jubal Drum Corps