08.17.2007 // Father Ryan High School to Tour Europe 2008

"The Father Ryan High School Winter Drumline is humbled and honored to have the privilege to travel to Europe. We are thrilled to have this opportunity of a lifetime for our students, and the only way that this would have happened is through our wonderful relationship with the great people at Dynasty USA and Muremo. We offer special thanks to Jean-Paul Ratajczak, Al Murray, and Mark Reynolds for making this trip a reality for Father Ryan High School. We look forward to representing these people and their companies with the class and professionalism with which they have treated us. This incredible opportunity will also allow us to represent our school and our country which is a bit overwhelming. The fact that Dynasty and Muremo trusts our students and staff to entertain with quality musicianship has made us excited and inspired to put forth our best efforts in preparations for this upcoming winter season. We are absolutely committed to being the best "Father Ryan" that we know how to be. With the partnership of Father Ryan, Dynasty USA,and Muremo we hope to offer the European percussion community an experience that is both fun and educational."

Dynasty USA and Muremo Music are pleased to announce that the Father Ryan High School Winter Drum Line will travel to Europe in the winter of 2008 to participate in clinics and shows in the UK, France , Belgium and Holland. "Father Ryan High School Winter Drum Line has set wonderful standards for entertainment and precision" says Allan Murray, vice president of Dynasty USA. "The Father Ryan High School Winter Drum Line will have a great experience here in Europe sight seeing and spreading good will throughout the marching community with clinics and shows in many different venues all over Europe and the UK" said Jean Paul Ratajczak, president of Muremo Music. "I can say that all of Europe awaits their arrival here in the winter of 2008."

For further information on dates and venues of the Father Ryan High School Winter Drum Line trip to Europe check back here often.


Father Ryan High School Drum Line