01.31.2007 // Dynasty USA Announces New Signature Series "Mark Ford" 5.0 Octave Concert Marimba!

Dynasty USA is pleased to announce the new Signature Series P08-DSPMR50 "Mark Ford" 5.0 Octave concert marimba. Below are some of the specifications for this instrument and a link to the new event gallery with new pictures of this great sounding and looking instrument.
Rosewood bars tuned A=442 from c2-c7, 61 notes. The bar sizes range from 22.5" x 3" to 7" x 1.5". The instrument is 9'6" long with ends of 3'6" and 14" wide and with height adjustments from 2'10" to 3'6" total. Frame construction is of beautiful stained hardwood supported by a strong metal frame, the rails are built with sturdy steel connectors without hinges to avoid sagging. The Signature Series "Mark Ford" marimba produces a rich, warm sound with great projection, resonator tuning with gauges, spring loaded rail dividers and 4' casters.

Signature Series "Mark Ford" Concert Marimba Event Gallery