06.28.2006 // Rhythm X will Head to Europe

On March 23, 2007 Rhythm X in conjunction with Muremo Music and Dynasty USA, will make history by being the first independent indoor drumline to tour Europe! Rhythm X will embark on an experience that will take the indoor drumline activity to a new level. "We are honored and excited for this opportunity. This tour will promote the indoor percussion activity in Europe and open doors for future international growth", said Dunn the executive director and founder of Rhythm X. Rhythm X will embark on a 10 day European tour that will begin in London, England and will conclude in Gent, Belgium. While in Europe Rhythm X will visit London and Crawley England, St Quentin and Paris France, Brussels and Bruges, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Gent Belgium.

During this historic tour Rhythm X will be hosting clinics and competing on the European circuit CGN. "Allan Murray , vice president of Dynasty USA and Jean Paul Ratajczak , Muremo Music mentioned the possibility of this tour to me in 2005 and since then we have been working together to make this tour a reality," Dunn said. "I am really excited that the group gets to perform for a new group of fans. Hopefully we will be able to inspire the growth of the activity in Europe and truly make indoor percussion an international phenomenon", said Andrew Markworth, a two year veteran member and the current front ensemble arranger and designer for Rhythm X.

"Having Rhythm X in Europe will help build excitement in developing the European Indoor Circuit" said Allan Murray, vice president of Dynasty USA. "Muremo Music and Jean Paul Ratajczak have been the leaders in bringing education to Europe and the UK and it is never more evident again with the Rx tour." Tim Fairbanks program designer for Rhythm X said, "Dynasty is leading the way to true international participation and competition in the pageantry arts activities. It's very exciting to be part of a team willing to reach beyond our borders and inspire music excellence and education on a global scale!"

"I am committed to seeing this activity grow and move into different parts of the world. I have been on the WGI advisory board for 8 years now and every year we talk about how we want to promote international growth, well here it is and we are excited to be one of the first percussion ensembles to make it happen!" Mark Reynolds, Dynasty USA product manager said, "Dynasty USA is excited to help these kids experience a trip of a lifetime and I know that Rhythm X will inspire many people to start percussion groups of their own."

This announcement of the Rhythm X trip to Europe in 2007 is very exciting! WGI percussion opened the door for International competition by changing our eligibility requirements in 2006. We saw the benefits of this change with the participation of Aimachi from Japan this past season. The Rhythm X European tour will give indoor percussion participants and fans overseas a first hand look at one of our premier ensembles. The impact that this will have on International participants and fans will be like nothing they have ever experienced. The members of the 2007 Rhythm X ensemble will enjoy a Box 6 experience" said Mark Thurston, WGI Percussion Coordinator.

Jon Gustin a two year veteran member of the bass line was astonished to hear of the news, "The trip to Europe will not only be a significant milestone for Rhythm X, but for WGI and all of the indoor percussion organizations. I am excited to be part of this great opportunity that Dynasty and Muremo has given Rhythm X because after many hours of hard work, the world will get a small but great example of what the indoor/winter percussion lines are doing over here in the United States."

"We will hold auditions the same time as we always do and we will make it known to potential members that we will need every member to be committed to making the trip to Europe", Dunn said. Muremo and Dynasty have partnered together to make this tour a possibility and alleviate the financial burden that would normally fall on the members shoulders. Rhythm X will attend two Winter Guard International Regionals and the 2007 World Championships, as well as competing in their local circuit, the Mid East Performance Association.

Rhythm X is an independent world indoor drum line, founded by Craig Dunn, based out of Columbus, Ohio. Rhythm X's inaugural season was in 2002 which resulted in capturing the gold medal in the independent open class at the Winter Guard International World Championships. Since then Rhythm X has consistently maintained its status at the top of independent world class competition. Rhythm X was the 2004 Winter Guard International independent world class bronze medalist and the 2005 and 2006 independent world class silver medalists. Rhythm X is always a crowd favorite with their stunning visual and musical package that leaves the audience wanting more!