03.23.2006 // Letter from Dynasty USA Family Member!

Dear Dynasty USA

I came home late last night after working a full 5:00 AM to 2:30 PM day and then teaching a Customer Service Excellence class at Boeing. My 17 year old son met me at the door and asked if I had ordered something recently. When I walked in, there were two large Dynasty boxes inside. I was in HEAVEN!!! The triple squints arrived at my house yesterday! That was FAST!!

Being late at night and having to get up this morning at 4:30 AM to go to work, I thought I'd just open them up and take a peek. I couldn't stop looking and touching. The more wrapping I pulled out, the more excited I got! I had to completely unpack them and check them out! Outstanding! Having personally owned Ludwig's, Pearls and Yamahas in the past, NOTHING could compare to the quality of the drums I set out on the table in front of me! The quality of the hardware, the perfection of the white wrapping, the clean lines of the rack...all outstanding. The carrier...a carrier that fits over my head with no problem...SUPREME!!! To be able to pick up a set of triples with one hand and move them around with little effort...no more back problems for this guy!!

Tonight, Jim Nevermann and I will be tuning them up to our specs. We will be happily entertaining (or disturbing) all of my neighbors on our quiet little island for a few hours.


Frank Jacobson