02.03.2006 // GLASSMEN partners with OMEA, FJM Inc.

This past weekend, the GLASSMEN participated in the 2006 Ohio Music Educators Association Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, as both exhibitor and part presenter. The corps has attended the conference for more than a decade, educating students and spreading information to directors about the many aspects of the drum & bugle corps activity.

This year, the GLASSMEN are teaming up with OMEA and FJM, Inc. to present a unique version of the trademark GLASSMEN ENTERTRAINMENT Clinic.

On July 11, 2006, in Delaware, Ohio, the GLASSMEN will present two special sessions for these two organizations - all in one place! Ohio Wesleyan University is home to the FJM Clinic from July 9-12, and the GLASSMEN will present a clinic for FJM attendees during the evening session on Tuesday, July 11.

Earlier in the afternoon, the GLASSMEN members and staff will present a new type of clinic in conjunction with OMEA, specifically geared towards OMEA adjudicators as well as band directors and staff. This session will focus on design and execution, giving the judges a "laboratory experience" from which they can hone their skills. For directors,it is an opportunity for them to see the process from both sides, and to better learn how to develop a successful field program.

"OMEA is very excited about this unique opportunity, allowing all of Ohio's marching band adjudicators and directors to have this experience together," remarked Rob Cintron, OMEA Marching Band Adjudications Chair. "The ability to integrate all of these learning opportunities at once enables us to improve techniques for judging and designing at the same time - and on the same level."

More information will be available through www.omea-ohio.org, www.fjminc.com, and www.glassmen.org in the coming months.