01.17.2006 // Dynasty USA is now Podcasting in 2006

We have ventured into the world of Podcasts at Dynasty USA these days for audio and video. If you go to this link listed here


copy the link there

(which is http://www.dynastyband.com/podcast/podcast.php?podcastchannelid=3 )

and then go to iTunes, Music Store, look to the top where Advanced is and click on this pull down menu and then when the box comes up "Subscribe to Podcasts" paste the link into the box. It will then load into iTunes and away you go.

There is an excellent audio interview with Wayne Downey, Music Director for the Blue Devils, arranger for Riverside Community College, movies and many other bands and groups. Please take a moment to listen in and check it out and look back for more things to come SOON!


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