11.29.2006 // Dynasty USA At Youngestown State!
The tenor line of Youngestown State, Youngestown, OH.  Kevin Rabold, Zac Taylor, Mario Butera
Youngstown State University Tenor Line

10.31.2006 // Dynasty USA Announces that Lick of the Week #10 "Stick Toss" will be free for the week beginning November 6, 2006
Dynasty USA would like to announce that the Scojo’s “Lick of the Week” number 10 the “Stick Toss” will be free for the week beginning Monday November 6, 2006. Please visit the Dynasty USA website at www.dynastyband.com to get your free lick number 10.

LOTW #10 – Stick Toss
In lick #10, Scott explains how to do many variations on the basic stick toss, as well as how to loop it and do it backwards.
There is no pdf file for this one…just the visual.

10.16.2006 // Mike Stevens Joins The Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps!
The Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps is extremely pleased to announce the addition of Mike Stevens to the 2007 staff. Mr. Stevens will serve as the head battery specialist and also as co-battery arranger. He will be an integral part of the day to day operations of the battery and entire percussion section during the winter season, and throughout the summer tour.
Mike's reputation precedes him, as his work with numerous drum corps, college, and high school ensembles has earned him notoriety both domestically and around the world.

A graduate of Tigard High School "back in the day" (as he so eloquently phrased it), Mike got his start with the Vancouver Spartans in 1986. He marched there for three years, and then went south to march in the Blue Devils from 1989-90. In 1991, Mike aged out of the Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps and went on to teach from 1992-1995, some of the most groundbreaking years in the corps history, capturing the DCI World title in 1993. Following his tenure there, he went on to bring the Blue Knights to it's highest placement to date as Percussion Caption Head from 1998-2000. In 2000, the corps took 6th overall and 3rd place in percussion, bested by only the Cavaliers and Cadets. Moving away from the Northwest to march in other corps is a condition Mr. Stevens hopes to change. "People need to be heading north to march up here!"

He went on to complete a Bachelor of Music Theory/Composition/Percussion Degree from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, where he graduated with Cum Laude honors. During this time he was also the Marching Percussion Coordinator/Arranger for the University. Mike served as the Percussion director for Winston Churchill High School from 2002-2005, helping take them to the BOA Grand National finals as well as capturing the WGI Scholastic World Championship in 2003.

Mike has taught numerous high school bands throughout the country. Many of these groups won High Percussion in their divisions during Mr. Stevens'
tenure. He has performed and adjudicated at the PASIC International Convention and is an adjudicator for various marching competitions nationwide, as well as having done clinics throughout the US, Germany, and the UK. Mike is a signature endorser with Promark Sticks and Mallets, and has an instructional video entitled: "The Ultimate Quad Video" with the Dynasty/DEG Corporation. He has been taught by, and has worked along side some of the best people in the business, including Tom Float, Scott Johnson, Ralph Hardimon, Al Murray, Jeff Prosperie, Adam Mason and others.

Currently, Mike is a small business owner (www.stevensdrum.com), freelance web designer, clinician, consultant, composer, arranger, private teacher, basketball fan, uncle, dog trainer and snowboarder. He works with several area schools as well as arranges and performs for the Portland Trailblazers drumline.

We are extremely excited about the opportunity to work with Mike on a day to day basis with the percussion section this year. His drumlines are known as some of the best in DCI history, and it's exciting to see the direction and aggression he will bring to the percussion section this season and beyond.

For more information about the 2007 Seattle Cascades percussion section, stay tuned to the website at www.seattlecascades.org. Audition information and exercise materials will be posted shortly.

10.10.2006 // The Glassmen & Indoor Drumline
The GLASSMEN Drum & Bugle Corps' educational program, ENTERTRAINMENT?, has grown immensely since it's inception only five short years ago. Beginning as a title for the GLASSMEN's unique style of drum corps clinic presentations, the ENTERTRAINMENT? program has developed into a full-fledged educational entity that presentslocal educational programs and performances throughout Northwest Ohio, judging clinics within the state of Ohio, and summer educational offerings for youth across the country and around the world. In addition to the clinic series both here and abroad, in 2006, the program presented it's first Master Class offering with percussionist Mark Ford as part of the corps' annual Showcase Concert.

Plans for the 2007 season include more extensive clinic and class offerings, and partnerships with not only the GLASSMEN Drum & Bugle Corps, but with other performing ensembles, including the 2006 WGI Independent Open Class Gold Medalist 1st Degree Drumline from Orlando, Florida. Sponsorship of 1st Degree by ENTERTRAINMENT? is creating new opportunities for education and development between the drumline and the GLASSMEN, and will open the door for partnerships between ENTERTRAINMENT? and other groups in the near future.

09.01.2006 // DCI 2006 Media Footage

Check out the Dynasty groups from DCI 2006. Click here to see all of the action.

07.12.2006 // Bill Bachman Trip to Uganda!
I was recently on a mission trip to Uganda, Africa to a little city named Aura. I’ve been on three overseas mission trips now (Turkey, Peru, and Uganda) and am always amazed at how these experiences really stretch you and give you much needed perspective. The trip centered on a four day festival with an evangelist named Dan Owens and a coinciding US worship band (with me as the drummer). It's a lot of fun to play for 20,000 people in a culture that's all about rhythm & dance--worship is nothing like that here in the states!
After a couple days of travel (with a sightseeing break in London), we finally arrived in Aura, Uganda on a dirt airstrip. There were many people there to greet us and everywhere we went people were very friendly and excited to see us white folks. It’s a very poor area in which the people live in huts and walk or ride bikes to get around. All the roads are dirt and there are little 6’x6’ wooden “stores” scattered about where you can buy the daily necessities (if you can afford them). The people love to wear brightly patterned clothes and it’s charming how they never seem to match. Many pastors there were dressing up since it was a time to celebrate and seem official; we couldn’t help but notice that their suits didn’t fit right and had tattered spots where they’d been mended at some point. When you see how joyfully they sing and dance though, it is clear that they’re happier within their standard of living than most of us Americans are in ours. Everything they have there is dirty, old junk by our standards, but the people in Uganda made it clear once again that money and material things have absolutely nothing to do with happiness.
The festivals were held in a big field with shadily rigged-up stage and were very well attended, I believe that on the biggest day there were over 20,000 people. The locals played with great intensity and it was awesome to watch their passion with the music. Then it was our turn! With no rehearsal or sound-check, we were prepared to kick in when suddenly the power died. It became drum solo time & I played an extended solo that the people really got into (and consequently I had a solo every night!). Once we were powered up again we kicked into some American worship tunes, but with a driving groove that’d make old white folks want to leave with concerns about their pacemakers. The people were dancing & clapping and we were feeding off of each other’s energy. I loved playing for a huge crowd of people who really appreciated what we were doing, it was one of the more rewarding musical experiences I've ever had! Of course, all of this music is just a tool to honor our Lord Jesus Christ and draw people to Him. The evangelist Dan Owens closed each night with a powerful sermon followed by an alter call. All of the elements worked well together and it was awesome to watch hundreds of people come forward and give their hearts to Christ night after night.
Along with the evening crusades, during the day we went to hospitals, schools, and orphanages to help out where we could and spread the good word. These daytime events really stretched me a lot. I'm an open Christian, but generally not the “aggressively reaching out proclaiming Christ to people who may not want to hear about it” type. I'll never forget being in the hospital’s HIV ward surrounded by about a hundred people who know that they’re soon going to die and suddenly being the one to proclaim the gospel and pray over people. No matter how old or young we are, we know what we know about God and our relationship with Him. My prayers were always answered and God always came through giving me just the right things to pray for and the boldness and confidence to do it. It was awesome to see so many prayers answered right there on the spot, people healed, demons cast out (yes all of that stuff is very real!), and so much good done in the name of Jesus Christ. About one in ten people there has AIDS and there is a major need for medicines, treatments, education and supplies for healthy living. I strongly encourage all of you to help out those in Africa whenever you see a chance. They have so much to offer and it’s tragic to see so many lives unnecessarily cut short. The people in Uganda are beautiful and God loves them all just as much as anyone & everyone else on this entire earth!
Overall, I’d say that this Uganda mission trip was a blast musically, and spiritually a healthy stretch. Many needs were met, many churches were strengthened, and hundreds of people made the most important decision of their lives and came forward to give their lives to Christ! I'm humbled and thankful that I was invited and able to go and believe that the Lord is well pleased with the whole event. God is good!

06.28.2006 // Rhythm X will Head to Europe
On March 23, 2007 Rhythm X in conjunction with Muremo Music and Dynasty USA, will make history by being the first independent indoor drumline to tour Europe! Rhythm X will embark on an experience that will take the indoor drumline activity to a new level. "We are honored and excited for this opportunity. This tour will promote the indoor percussion activity in Europe and open doors for future international growth", said Dunn the executive director and founder of Rhythm X. Rhythm X will embark on a 10 day European tour that will begin in London, England and will conclude in Gent, Belgium. While in Europe Rhythm X will visit London and Crawley England, St Quentin and Paris France, Brussels and Bruges, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Gent Belgium.

During this historic tour Rhythm X will be hosting clinics and competing on the European circuit CGN. "Allan Murray , vice president of Dynasty USA and Jean Paul Ratajczak , Muremo Music mentioned the possibility of this tour to me in 2005 and since then we have been working together to make this tour a reality," Dunn said. "I am really excited that the group gets to perform for a new group of fans. Hopefully we will be able to inspire the growth of the activity in Europe and truly make indoor percussion an international phenomenon", said Andrew Markworth, a two year veteran member and the current front ensemble arranger and designer for Rhythm X.

"Having Rhythm X in Europe will help build excitement in developing the European Indoor Circuit" said Allan Murray, vice president of Dynasty USA. "Muremo Music and Jean Paul Ratajczak have been the leaders in bringing education to Europe and the UK and it is never more evident again with the Rx tour." Tim Fairbanks program designer for Rhythm X said, "Dynasty is leading the way to true international participation and competition in the pageantry arts activities. It's very exciting to be part of a team willing to reach beyond our borders and inspire music excellence and education on a global scale!"

"I am committed to seeing this activity grow and move into different parts of the world. I have been on the WGI advisory board for 8 years now and every year we talk about how we want to promote international growth, well here it is and we are excited to be one of the first percussion ensembles to make it happen!" Mark Reynolds, Dynasty USA product manager said, "Dynasty USA is excited to help these kids experience a trip of a lifetime and I know that Rhythm X will inspire many people to start percussion groups of their own."

This announcement of the Rhythm X trip to Europe in 2007 is very exciting! WGI percussion opened the door for International competition by changing our eligibility requirements in 2006. We saw the benefits of this change with the participation of Aimachi from Japan this past season. The Rhythm X European tour will give indoor percussion participants and fans overseas a first hand look at one of our premier ensembles. The impact that this will have on International participants and fans will be like nothing they have ever experienced. The members of the 2007 Rhythm X ensemble will enjoy a Box 6 experience" said Mark Thurston, WGI Percussion Coordinator.

Jon Gustin a two year veteran member of the bass line was astonished to hear of the news, "The trip to Europe will not only be a significant milestone for Rhythm X, but for WGI and all of the indoor percussion organizations. I am excited to be part of this great opportunity that Dynasty and Muremo has given Rhythm X because after many hours of hard work, the world will get a small but great example of what the indoor/winter percussion lines are doing over here in the United States."

"We will hold auditions the same time as we always do and we will make it known to potential members that we will need every member to be committed to making the trip to Europe", Dunn said. Muremo and Dynasty have partnered together to make this tour a possibility and alleviate the financial burden that would normally fall on the members shoulders. Rhythm X will attend two Winter Guard International Regionals and the 2007 World Championships, as well as competing in their local circuit, the Mid East Performance Association.

Rhythm X is an independent world indoor drum line, founded by Craig Dunn, based out of Columbus, Ohio. Rhythm X's inaugural season was in 2002 which resulted in capturing the gold medal in the independent open class at the Winter Guard International World Championships. Since then Rhythm X has consistently maintained its status at the top of independent world class competition. Rhythm X was the 2004 Winter Guard International independent world class bronze medalist and the 2005 and 2006 independent world class silver medalists. Rhythm X is always a crowd favorite with their stunning visual and musical package that leaves the audience wanting more!

06.21.2006 // The Glassmen Have Landed!

Bonjour! After a superb first week on tour in the U.S., the GLASSMEN are taking their tour overseas for the first time to Europe.

The corps just landed this morning safe and sound at London's Heathrow Airport, and the members and staff are ecstatic about beginning their first international tour. The adventure began last night as they left from JFK airport in New York City - en route to London, England. Today, the corps boards the busses to head through the Eurotunnel on their way to Saint Quentin, France for the rest of the week.

Beginning today, daily updates will appear on the GLASSMEN website about the happenings of the corps each day in Europe. Stay tuned to http://www.glassmen.org for more photos and information as the tour progresses. Au revoir!

Photo: GLASSMEN Members Sydney Moilanen, Taylor Landers, Becca Aavang, and Mark Ziegler arrive at London's Heathrow Airport.

06.15.2006 // GLASSMEN Perform at Dynasty USA Headquarters
The GLASSMEN are officially on tour! The corps made a special trip this week up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to provide the staff at Dynasty, Inc. with a unique opportunity to see their products at work - a live concert in person from the GLASSMEN Drum & Bugle Corps - right in their front yard!
To celebrate the third year of their partnership with Dynasty, and as a thank you to them for helping to coordinate the corps' upcoming European Tour, the GLASSMEN performed selections from their 2006 production, "Beethoven: Mastery and Madness."
The corps has premiered "Mastery and Madness" to several audiences this week - first at the Family Day event in Wauseon, Ohio, held last Sunday in front of hundreds of family, friends, and fans of the corps - and then to the lucky staff members at Dynasty Headquarters in Wisconsin who were able to preview the show this afternoon.

Photo: The GLASSMEN premiered their 2006 show for several audiences this weekend, including a special performance at Dynasty Headquarters.

Corps Director Brian Hickman spoke to the audience about the show, describing each movement and how it related to different points in Beethoven's life. Attendees were wowed not just by the description of the show, but when the corps began to play - they were transported back to Beethoven's time - and had the opportunity to see and hear the music as Beethoven did - (or did he?)

Though the concert at Dynasty was only a standstill, Hickman told the audience that when they see the corps on the field this weekend for the first competition, they should "expect the unexpected" - right up to the "special effects" that become apparent in the fourth movement.

The GLASSMEN are prepared to take the drum corps activity by storm this first weekend with 3 competitions, including their own "All-Star Review" in Toledo, Ohio on Saturday, June 17th. The corps then departs on Tuesday, June 20th for their two week European tour. Stay tuned to www.glassmen.org for daily updates from Europe, and more details as the season progresses!

06.12.2006 // Mark Ford Presents Master Class in Chile!
Mark Ford was a guest professor of music at the Pontifica Universidad Catolica in Santiago, Chile from May 24-June 3, 2006. Mark presented master classes on marimba technique and literature and also taught private marimba lessons. He collaborated with the UC Percussion Ensemble and percussion faculty on a concert on May 31st. On this concert Mark performed several solos including his compositions Kingdom Lore Fanfare, Motion Beyond and Eric Sammut’s Spirals. Ford also performed with UC faculty members Carlos Vera Pinto, Gonzalo Muga and Christian Hirth on Minoru Miki’s Marimba Spiritual and also a free improvisation duet with faculty member, Gerardo Salazar. Students Patricio Barrientos and Nicolas Moreno performed Stubernic and Carlos Vera L. and Cesar Vilca performed Afta-Stuba with Ford. Mark also conducted the ensemble in his composition Standup Shadow. Dynasty Inc., Innovative Percussion, Zildjian and Evans Drum Heads supported Ford’s residency in Chile.

06.12.2006 // Dynasty USA Welcomes Tim Fairbanks!
Dynasty USA is pleased to announce that Tim Fairbanks (Centerville, OH) has agreed to join the Dynasty USA family effective June 2006. Tim is a well-known designer and instructor in many percussion idioms. Please click on the press release below.

06.08.2006 // Blue Devils, Dynasty USA and Don Wilson Music to Host Louisville, KY Clinic

The Blue Devils in association with Dynasty USA and Don Wilson Music will present a clinic in all four major captions: brass, Percussion, color Guard and Visual as well as showing the full ensemble conducted by the Blue Devils staff and members. The clinic will conclude with a performance of the 2006 show: The Godfather, Part BLUE

The clinic will be held Monday, July 17th, 2006 from 130PM until 4PM at Louisville Christian Academy. Admission will be free. This is a great opportunity for band directors, students and staff to get motivated for the 2006 marching season. For more information please call Don Wilson Music of Lexington at 859-278-7459 or Don Wilson Music of Louisville at 502-394-0224 or visit www.donwilsonmusic.com

06.08.2006 // Pacific Crest and Dynasty USA to Host June 24 Clinic!
Dynasty USA is proud to announce a fabulous clinic event in conjunction with Pacific Crest Drum & Bugle Corps. This three-hour educational clinic will be held in conjunction with the Corps at the Crest show in Walnut, CA on June 24, 2006.

This clinic event, free to the public, will feature 2004 DCI Individual Champion Ivan Pacheco presenting a snare drum performance clinic, percussion ensemble clinic, brass ensemble clinic, visual ensemble clinic, and rehearsal segments with Pacific Crest. You will have the opportunity to watch the final run-throughs before the show, then attend the show and see Pacific Crest bring their rehearsal to life competition.

Dynasty will also present door prizes at the clinic. Tickets for the Corps at the Crest contest are available for sale through DCI. See the links in this e-mail to purchase the tickets.

Take this opportunity to spend a great afternoon with a great corps, then see some of the country's best drum corps in the evening. Dynasty invites you to be a part of this terrific day.

Walnut, Calif., home of the Corps at the Crest event, is a suburb of Los Angeles that holds a rural charm with close access to the big city. The show is held at the Hilmer Lodge Stadium at Mt. San Antonio College, a respected venue to host the best DCI Pacific corps in DCI. Show starts at 5:00pm.

Corps appearing:

Blue Devils
Santa Clara Vanguard
Pacific Crest
Blue Knights
The Academy
Hawthorne Gold
Dream, Sr

Ticket Prices: $22 & $27

All students, band directors, instructors and fans are welcome to spend the afternoon and evening with Pacific Crest and Dynasty USA. This will be the beginning of another great Drum Corps summer. We are looking forward to it, and hope to see you.


Dynasty USA

Hilmer Lodge Stadium
Mt. San Antonio College

57 North
Exit Temple
Turn Left
Left on Bonita
First left into parking lot


57 South
Exit Temple
Turn right
Left on Bonita
First left into parking lot

GPS or Mapquest address:
1100 North Grand Ave. Walnut, CA 91789

06.08.2006 // Glassmen/ Dynasty USA Entertrainment Clinic June 17, 2006
The GLASSMEN will present their first ENTERTRAINMENT™ clinic of this season, free and open to the public - especially to kids interested in marching with a drum corps! The clinic will take place in the Glass Bowl Stadium from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. before the evening competition. The clinic features a chance for students to break off into music/equipment sectionals with the brass, percussion, and guard - and then reconvene on the field for an interactive visual marching rehearsal.

The clinic will wrap-up with a full ensemble rehearsal with commentary from the staff and Q-and-A for directors, and a final run-through of the entire 2006 production. School groups that participate will also be invited to join us at the post-clinic tent before the show for some food and fun for the students before we kick off the evening competition. Tickets are going fast - schools wishing to purchase a ticket for the entire day can call the office at 419-698-9775 for more information and reservations.

05.24.2006 // Dynasty USA welcomes Father Ryan High School
Dynasty USA is pleased to announce that Father Ryan High School Band (Nashville, TN) has agreed to join the Dynasty USA family effective May 2006. Father Ryan’s Indoor Percussion Ensemble has performed in every WGI season since the inaugural 1993 season, and has been a finalist for 13 years. They were Scholastic A Champs in 1995 and 1996, secured a GOLD MEDAL in 2000 in Scholastic Open. In 2005 Father Ryan made the jump to Scholastic World, making finals each year.
“Dynasty USA is excited to have the Father Ryan staff and students on board to help us grow as a family and a company” said Mark Reynolds, Dynasty USA Product Manager. “The Father Ryan Winter Percussion group is known for having the most entertaining shows year after year, and we look forward to having a long relationship with their students and staff.”
"Father Ryan is extremely excited about joining the Dynasty family.” Said Derek Schletzer. “We are thrilled with everything that Dynasty has to offer, from the product to the outstanding customer service. We are looking forward to a long healthy relationship."
Father Ryan’s list of staff includes Band Director Jeff Schletzer, David England, Tim Hale, Derek Schletzer and Dustin Schletzer. Check out their bios in this newsletter.
All of us here at Dynasty USA welcome Father Ryan High School and their outstanding staff to the Dynasty USA family!

05.15.2006 // Dynasty USA Welcomes the Hawthorne Caballeros!
For Immediate Release: May 10, 2006
Hawthorne Caballeros Select New Dynasty USA Drums for 2006

The Hawthorne Caballeros are proud to partner with Dynasty USA in 2006. The Caballeros recently unveiled a full set of shiny new black Dynasty Drums. Gary Gill, Percussion Caption Head and Arranger for the Caballeros said that the Caballeros chose Dynasty Percussion because “we love the design of the drums - the sturdiness and the sounds of these drums are second to none. The projection of the bass drums is awesome, nice crisp sound from the snares and a dynamic sound from the tenors. I couldn’t be happier”.

Frank Gerris, President and General Manager of the Hawthorne Caballeros commented that “we chose Dynasty USA because of their championship attitude and customer service. We are looking forward to a successful competing season with Dynasty USA as our partner”.

“We are elated to have the Hawthorne Caballeros playing Dynasty USA in 2006 and beyond” said Allan Murray, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Dynasty USA. “as this is the Cabs 60th anniversary we are just excited to be a part of it all and we wish them great success in their 60th year!”

05.11.2006 // UK's Northern Star Kicks Off Season!
Northern Star Drum & Bugle Corps, from Leeds, England, will preview their 2006 program, Time, on Saturday 13th May at the annual Northern Preview show, being held for the second year at Intake High School, Leeds.
The preview concert will also feature several other drum corps and marching bands from around the North of England include Northern Star's own cadet corps, Star Academy in their very first ever public performance. The show starts at 7.30, tickets £3

04.27.2006 // 2006 WGI
Dynasty USA is very grateful for all of the support that we receive from all of our groups from around the country. Last week the Dynasty family was at the WGI World Championships at the Nutter Center on the campus of Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. There were over 150 drumlines there competing in eight different classes and we are proud of the accomplishments of the Dynasty USA groups. After three days of competition this is how things turned out.

04.27.2006 // Dynasty USA Welcomes Paul and Sandi Rennick to the Dynasty USA Family!
Dynasty USA is pleased to announce that Paul and Sandi Rennick have agreed to join the Dynasty USA family effective April1, 2006. "We are excited to have both of these influential teachers and performers join us here at Dynasty USA" said Allan Murray, vice president of Dynasty USA. "We look forward to a long and lasting relationship with Paul and Sandi. We know that their input and direction, along with all Dynasty USA family members, will help develop our instruments over the next few years to be the best in the industry."

"It’s an honor to be associated with Dynasty USA, and I’m excited to work with everyone towards the future and the next generation of percussion instruments.” - Paul
“Dynasty is a class act, and I’m thrilled to be part of the team.” - Sandi

Paul is an icon in marching percussion throughout the world, and will help Dynasty USA in product development through his involvement in Scholastic and DCI programs. Sandi will be vital in helping with the development of the marching and concert percussion instruments. Both Paul and Sandi have a wealth of experience to devote in helping Dynasty USA percussion instruments become the industry leader.

All of us here at Dynasty USA welcome Paul and Sandi to the family!

04.25.2006 // Mike Stevens does Clinic in the United Kingdom
Mike Stevens recently attended the Pontins Clinic held in the UK every year just before Easter. Mike did a great job on this clinic and available below is a link to the website that provides some video of what Mike did while he was there. Dynasty USA would like to thank Mike for all he does for us here. Mike is a wonderful Dynasty USA family member. bravo Mike!

04.24.2006 // Dynasty 1,2, 3. . . .
The 2006 WGI World Championships are taking place right now in Dayton , Ohio. The PSA and the PIA finals were last night in the Nutter Center on the campus of Wright State University. Dynasty is so excited to announce that all THREE medalists in PSA are members of the Dynasty USA family. Mariner HS takes top honors in PSA by scoring a huge 96.35, South Lyon won the Silver medal with a  94.45 and Greenfield Central takes the Bronze with a score of  94.3. Dynasty would also like to congratulate Howell North HS for making finals also last night and scoring an 87.7.  Dynasty would also like to congratulate Quest Percussion in PIA finals last night for bringing home the Silver medal and scoring an 89.15. Dynasty is very proud to play a small part in these group's success!

04.12.2006 // New Dynasty Educator
Mickey Ratliff is currently Director of Bands at Warsaw Community High School in Warsaw, IN, where he previously had been Assistant Director of Bands. His current duties include directing the WCHS Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Band, and Pep Band. Other duties include assisting with the Concert Band and four middle-school bands, teaching Music Theory, and serving as Department Head of Instrumental Music. In the past twenty years, he has served as an educator, clinician, and adjudicator in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Indiana. He teaches private percussion lessons through Grace College and Seminary in Winona Lake, IN and is a freelance performer and private teacher.

Since 1993, Mr. Ratliff has been the director, writer, and arranger of the WCHS Percussion Ensemble. Under his direction, the WCHS Ensemble has received a number awards and recognitions - including the Bands of America National Indoor Marching Percussion Championship (’93, 94', and 95')

04.11.2006 // The Glassmen & Mark Ford
As part of the GLASSMEN ENTERTRAINMENT Series, world renowned percussionist Mark Ford will present a Master Class prior to the concert. The Master Class is open to all ages, and admission is free with purchase of a ticket to the concert. The Master Class will be held in the same location as the concert, and run from 12:00pm to 1:30pm.

Mark Ford is the coordinator of percussion activities at The University of North Texas in Denton, Texas and Immediate Past-President of the Percussive Arts Society. He is a marimba specialist and the director of one of the largest percussion programs in the United States at UNT. Ford has been a featured performer/clinician throughout the states at universities and at music conferences including PASIC, MENC, TMEA, Mid-West and CBDNA. Mark has also performed at International Music Festivals in South America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Ford has been recognized as a leading percussion educator and his university percussion ensembles have won national honors from the Percussive Arts Society. With several marimba and percussion CDs to his credit, Mark has also recorded a DVD with Japanese virtuoso marimbist Keiko Abe and the UNT Wind Symphony. As a composer, Mark Ford has written several popular works for solo marimba and percussion ensemble including Head Talk, Polaris, Kingdom Lore Fanfare, Stubernic, Heads Up!, Nightwatch and Standup Shadow.

Attendees are not required to bring items (music/sticks/mallets) to the class - just an interest in learning some of the in's and out's of the percussion world from none other than Mark Ford! Mr. Ford will also be a special guest performer featured in the GLASSMEN Showcase concert later in the afternoon. You won't want to miss either of these events!

04.04.2006 // Glassmen Timpanist on PBS this week
GLASSMEN Timpanist Chihiro Shibayama performed for a television audience this week as part of the Juilliard School's biennial gala televised nationally as part of the award-winning Live From Lincoln Center series on PBS. Originally broadcast live on Monday night, April 3rd, during the school's 100th Anniversary Gala, the show will be rebroadcast during the week at various times on PBS (check your local listings).
Ms. Shibayama is a percussion student at the Julliard School in New York City, and is in her second year playing timpani with the GLASSMEN. As a Julliard student, she's had the opportunity to play for many star-rated events, but she loves coming out to the midwest to be with the GLASSMEN even more.

"I always wanted to do it when I was in high school marching band in Japan," said Shibayama. "I thought I had to give it up when I entered the conservatory, but I was wrong. It was really helpful. I learned a lot about not just playing, but living life - making good connections with people. It's really nice to be in this drum corps!"

Congrats, Chihiro! We'll see you on the "big screen"!

04.03.2006 // Mariner H.S. takes it again !
Dynasty USA would like to congratulate Jeremy Hunt and the members of the Mariner High School Percussion section on winning yet another FFCC championship.

Back to Back FFCC Championships

The Mariner HS indoor percussion ensemble won it's 2nd FFCC PSA title this past Saturday in Orlando, FL. Under the direction of Jeremy Hunt the percussion ensemble once again went undefeated in circuit competition.

Mariner would like to thank Dynasty USA for there help attaining all new outdoor mounting systems for our old keyboard instruments. "It's made a world of difference on maintaining the life of the keyboards and micing was a breeze" said Hunt

Good luck in Dayton and we are very excited to check out this amazing show !

03.30.2006 // Glassmen & the Toledo Symphony Orchestra
The GLASSMEN wrapped up a whirlwind weekend of performances, concerts, drill, and rehearsal as part of their second camp during the month of March. Select brass and percussion members met early on Thursday to prepare for the weekend's concerts with the Toledo Symphony Orchestra, and were treated to a top-rate dress rehearsal with the symphony and it's resident conductor, Chelsea Tipton, II.?

The corps joined with the symphony to play the finale of the 1812 Overture, and after a few run-throughs of the piece - deciding exactly where the bass drum "canons" would do the least damage to the audience members ears! - they were set for two sold-out concerts on Friday and Saturday night.

03.23.2006 // Letter from Dynasty USA Family Member!

Dear Dynasty USA

I came home late last night after working a full 5:00 AM to 2:30 PM day and then teaching a Customer Service Excellence class at Boeing. My 17 year old son met me at the door and asked if I had ordered something recently. When I walked in, there were two large Dynasty boxes inside. I was in HEAVEN!!! The triple squints arrived at my house yesterday! That was FAST!!

Being late at night and having to get up this morning at 4:30 AM to go to work, I thought I'd just open them up and take a peek. I couldn't stop looking and touching. The more wrapping I pulled out, the more excited I got! I had to completely unpack them and check them out! Outstanding! Having personally owned Ludwig's, Pearls and Yamahas in the past, NOTHING could compare to the quality of the drums I set out on the table in front of me! The quality of the hardware, the perfection of the white wrapping, the clean lines of the rack...all outstanding. The carrier...a carrier that fits over my head with no problem...SUPREME!!! To be able to pick up a set of triples with one hand and move them around with little effort...no more back problems for this guy!!

Tonight, Jim Nevermann and I will be tuning them up to our specs. We will be happily entertaining (or disturbing) all of my neighbors on our quiet little island for a few hours.


Frank Jacobson

03.21.2006 // Pimp My Drum 2006
Each year Columbus Percussion takes a drum from a winning contestant and completely overhauls their marching snare. A custom exotic wrapped finish, along with a custom powder coating all make for a one of a kind drum. Last year's lucky winner got a drum with a hidden DVD player, a built in iPod, and a Roland metronome as well as one stunning looking instrument. To enter, just click on the Columbus Percussion link and look for the " Pimp My Drum " registration. Dynasty will once again be a part of this event by giving the lucky winner a brand new Dynasty DFX14 marching snare drum along with a new marching snare drum stand. The drum will be revealed at the 2006 WGI World Championships in Dayton Ohio and be presented by a very special guest from the Dynasty family of endorsers.

02.21.2006 // University of Cincinnati President Nancy Zimpfer
University of Cincinnati President Nancy Zimpfer at a recent UC football game posing with members of the UC marching band thanking Dynasty USA for our support of the UC marching band.

02.08.2006 // Dynasty USA is pleased to welcome Choctawhatchee High School
Dynasty USA is pleased to welcome Choctawhatchee High School into the Dynasty USA family along with Shane Gwaltney and Benja Russell. We look forward to seeing the indoor line play at the NAshville, TN WGI Regional and the WGI Championships in Dayton, OH.

02.02.2006 // Marquette University Pep Band plays Dynasty USA Mellophones and Sousaphones!
The Marquette Pep Band took delivery of new Dynasty USA sousaphones in time for their home Big East game against St. John's last night? The sousaphones added a whole new depth to the Pep Band and it was great to hear nice quality of sound along with VOLUME! Dynasty USA would like to thank Pat Tures and Dr. Nick for inviting us out to experience the band and the game. The Marquette Pep Band was thanked in person after the game by the university president Father Robert A. Wild, Marquette Head Basketball Coach Tom Crean and his wife Joani and many alumni. What a wonderful time we had and we are proud to have Dr. Nick and the Marquette Pep band part of the Dynasty USA family.

02.01.2006 // Dynasty USA Welcomes Sandi Rennick!

Dynasty USA is pleased to announce that Sandi Rennick has agreed to join the Dynasty USA family effective January 1, 2006. "We are excited to have this influential teachers and performer join us here at Dynasty USA" said Allan Murray, vice president of Dynasty USA. "We look forward to a long and lasting relationship with Sandi. We know that her input and direction, along with all Dynasty USA family members, will help develop our instruments over the next few years to be the best in the industry."

“Dynasty is a class act, and I’m thrilled to be part of the team.” - Sandi

Sandi will be vital in helping with the development of the marching and concert percussion instruments. Sandi has a wealth of experience to devote in helping Dynasty USA percussion instruments become the industry leader.


All of us here at Dynasty USA welcome Sandi to the family!

02.02.2006 // Dynasty USA Welcomes the Black Knights, UK

The Black Knights Drum and Bugle Corps are thrilled to announce the arrival of their new equipment courtesy of Dynasty USA and Muremo. "We took delivery last weekend of a new set of brass instruments and marching percussion which sees the Corps change to Open Key instrumentation for the 2006 competitive season" says Dan Stillwell music coordinator for the Black Knights. "The Black Knights have done a nice job over the last few years with DCUK" says Allan Murray, vice president of Dynasty USA "and we are very pleased to welcome the Black Knights to teh Dynasty USA/ Muremo family."

 'Black Knights Drum and Bugle Corps was officially founded in 1991. Black Knights are based in Gravesend, Kent in the UK. Black Knights have been a succesful competing unit in DCUK, BYBA and last year DCE.'

02.01.2006 // Seattle Seahawks "Blue Thunder" to Perform at Super Bowl XL

Keith Rousu, coordinator for the Blue Thunder Drum Line of the Seattle Seahawks has informed Dynasty USA that they will be performing at various events around Detroit prior to the Super Bowl game on Sunday. Here is a list of their performances so far...........


  • 11am performance outside Courtyard hotel - 5200 Mercury Drive, Dearborn MI 48126
  • 2pm performance at Detroit Day School for the Deaf (only for the school, no public)


  • 11am performance outside Courtyard hotel - 5200 Mercury Drive, Dearborn MI 48126
  • 12pm performance outside Doubletree Hotel
  • 4pm performance at NFL Experience at the Cobo Exhibition Center, 1 Washington Ave


  • 10am performance at Seahawks Team pre-game party (invite only)

We hope the Blue Thunder has a great time at Super Bowl XL and we wish them and the team good luck!

02.02.2006 // The Brecksville/Broadview Heights Indoor Drumline
The Brecksville/Broadview Heights Indoor Drumline had a solid fist weekend out as they competed at both MEPA sponsored events this past weekend. They captured 2nd place on Saturday at the Collage show, only 1.3 points behind Olentangy, and tied for 2nd with New Philadelphia at the Firestone Show on Sunday!

02.01.2006 // Memphis Sound becomes a "Dynasty" corps
Memphis Sound has entered into an agreement with Dynasty & DEG Music Products to become a full "Dynasty corps" in 2006. In 2005, the corps began using Dynasty battery percussion. For this season, Memphis Sound adds a full set of Dynasty brass instruments, as well as Dynasty keyboards and front ensemble percussion equipment.

Allan Murray of DEG Music says "we welcome Memphis Sound to the full Dynasty family. The corps joins some of today's top names in DCI using Dynasty brass and percussion instruments."

The corps hopes to take delivery of its new Dynasty horns in time for the March 2006 rehearsal camp, with percussion equipment to follow shortly afterwards.

02.03.2006 // GLASSMEN partners with OMEA, FJM Inc.
This past weekend, the GLASSMEN participated in the 2006 Ohio Music Educators Association Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, as both exhibitor and part presenter. The corps has attended the conference for more than a decade, educating students and spreading information to directors about the many aspects of the drum & bugle corps activity.

This year, the GLASSMEN are teaming up with OMEA and FJM, Inc. to present a unique version of the trademark GLASSMEN ENTERTRAINMENT Clinic.

On July 11, 2006, in Delaware, Ohio, the GLASSMEN will present two special sessions for these two organizations - all in one place! Ohio Wesleyan University is home to the FJM Clinic from July 9-12, and the GLASSMEN will present a clinic for FJM attendees during the evening session on Tuesday, July 11.

Earlier in the afternoon, the GLASSMEN members and staff will present a new type of clinic in conjunction with OMEA, specifically geared towards OMEA adjudicators as well as band directors and staff. This session will focus on design and execution, giving the judges a "laboratory experience" from which they can hone their skills. For directors,it is an opportunity for them to see the process from both sides, and to better learn how to develop a successful field program.

"OMEA is very excited about this unique opportunity, allowing all of Ohio's marching band adjudicators and directors to have this experience together," remarked Rob Cintron, OMEA Marching Band Adjudications Chair. "The ability to integrate all of these learning opportunities at once enables us to improve techniques for judging and designing at the same time - and on the same level."

More information will be available through www.omea-ohio.org, www.fjminc.com, and www.glassmen.org in the coming months.

05.29.2006 // Dynasty USA at the All Japan Marching Band Championships!

Recently at the All Japan Marching  Band Championships 13 out of 21 groups competing played Dynasty USA Instruments. Those playing Dynasty USA instruments were:

  • Marching Band COURAGE, Ibaraki, Japan
  • Jokers Drum and Bugle Corps, Kyoto, Japan
  • Fire State Brass and Percussion Corps, Kumamoto, Japan
  • Burning Knights, Fukushima, Japan
  • Tokushima INdigoes Drum and Bugle Corps, Tokushima, Japan
  • G-Pulsation Drum and Bugle Corps, Ishikawa, Japan
  • Ryuku-Zanpa Drum and Bugle Corps, Okinawa, Japan
  • TONAN Marching Band GRYPHONS, Kyoto, Japan
  • Toyota Illusion Magic, Aichi, Japan
  • The Yokohama Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps, Yokohama, Japan
  • Utsunomiya Sound Company, Ibaraki, Japan
  • Yokohama Inspires Drum and Bugle Corps, Yokohama, Japan
  • Aimachi, Nagoya, Japan

Dynasty Japan had a huge display booth set up for all of it's Asian customers to come and view all the new products from Dynasty USA. On Sunday Scott Johnson and Wayne Downey of the Blue Devils spent time at the Dynasty Japan display signing autographs and posing for pictures with countless numbes of fans from Japan, China, Indonesia, the Phillipines and South Korea.

Dynasty USA would like to congratulate all the performing groups at the All Japan Marching Band Championships and we look forward to seeing you all again one day soon.

01.30.2006 // Yokohama Scouts playing all Dynasty USA Instruments Win Drum Corps Japan Championships!

This past weekend in Japan the Yokohama Scouts from Yokohama, Japan won the Drum Corps Japan Championships! Dynasty USA would like to take this moment to congratulate all the people from the Yokohama Scouts for a job well done. Thanks Yokohama Scouts for representing Dynasty USA for playing our marching bugles and percussion instruments.

01.30.2006 // Glassmen 2006 European Tour Overview

Everyone has been asking - "So what's up with the GLASSMEN European Tour this summer?! " - and now's your chance to find out!

The GLASSMEN Drum & Bugle Corps is pleased to officially announce the performance schedule for their historic trip to Europe in June of 2006. In celebration of their 45th Anniversary, the GLASSMEN will be spending fourteen days abroad on a tour of France, Belgium, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom bringing their unique style of concerts, ENTERTRAINMENT clinics and outdoor field performances to the fans "across the pond."

"This tour has been in the works for over eighteen months, and I am so excited to finally be able to share the details with everyone,"
stated Brian Hickman, GLASSMEN Executive Director. "More importantly, I think it is going to be an unforgettable performing and cultural experience for all of the young men and women of the corps."

After a six-hour journey over the Atlantic to Europe, the GLASSMEN will start their adventure in France with a unique indoor production as part of the Opening Ceremonies of the prestigious “Paris Country Festival”. Following the performance, the corps will head to downtown Paris to enjoy the sights and sounds of the famed “City of Light”.
Highlights of the afternoon will include the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and some evening time down along the Champs-Elysées.

From Paris, the corps will then travel outside of the city to historic Saint Quentin, France – home of the internationally renowned La Vaillante Show and Marching Band. In celebration of the band’s 100th Anniversary, the GLASSMEN will not only perform in a very special Anniversary Tattoo event, but join La Vaillante for a joint concert in the city center. The corps will conclude their travels through France with performances in seaside Calais, and as the special guests at the “Best of Bands Tattoo” in Lille; considered one of the premier pageantry events in France.

Moving north from France to Belgium, the corps will explore the Medieval Cities of Bruges and Antwerp, and perform in the annual Tattoo event in Meerhout. Just over the border from Belgium is the beautiful city of Dordrecht in The Netherlands - home to the Jubal Drum and Bugle Corps, and a vast and prolific Dutch drum corps community. The GLASSMEN performance at their "Evening with the Stars"
will not soon be forgotten!

Departing mainland Europe, the corps will travel to England for a historic collaboration with Muremo and some of the top groups from around the UK. In addition to presenting their noted ENTERTRAINMENT Clinic, the GLASSMEN will be featured in an all-star tattoo event as the first U.S. junior corps to perform in the United Kingdom in over eighteen years. This promises to be a very special evening for pageantry arts, and definitely an event not to be missed.

“We are so excited about what this means for the youth in the band and drum corps activity throughout England and Europe, and that the GLASSMEN could help make these events a reality,” remarked Jean Paul Ratajczak, President of Muremo.

After fourteen days of historic performances, celebratory events, and once in a lifetime cultural opportunities, the GLASSMEN will conclude their European tour in London, and travel back to the United States to rejoin the Drum Corps International tour on July 7th. Please watch for more details about specific performances, points of interest, and highlights of the GLASSMEN European Tour on this website in the coming months!

01.17.2006 // Dynasty USA is now Podcasting in 2006

We have ventured into the world of Podcasts at Dynasty USA these days for audio and video. If you go to this link listed here


copy the link there

(which is http://www.dynastyband.com/podcast/podcast.php?podcastchannelid=3 )

and then go to iTunes, Music Store, look to the top where Advanced is and click on this pull down menu and then when the box comes up "Subscribe to Podcasts" paste the link into the box. It will then load into iTunes and away you go.

There is an excellent audio interview with Wayne Downey, Music Director for the Blue Devils, arranger for Riverside Community College, movies and many other bands and groups. Please take a moment to listen in and check it out and look back for more things to come SOON!


01.06.2006 // Mark Ford is Guest Clinician at 2005 Belgian Days of Percussion

Mark Ford, Coordinator of the University of North Texas Percussion Program, was a guest clinician and performer for the 2005 Belgian Days of Percussion at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp, November 19-20, 2005. The festival, hosted by Ludwig Albert and sponsored by the Percussive Arts Society, featured a variety of clinics as well as a marching percussion individuals competition.
Ford presented a marimba clinic, performed on the finale concert and also judged the marching keyboard contest organized by InCorps' Erwin Van Gemert with the assistance of Jean Paul Ratajczak from the Muremo Company. Other clinicians were Li Biao from the Bejiing Conservatory, jazz vibraphonist Victor Mendoza with pianist Rafael Alacala from the Berklee School of Music, and Ludwig Albert, Leo Ouderits and Lin Chin Cheng from the Royal Conservatory. Wilma Schneider, also from the Royal Academy, assisted with the organization of the event.

In the picture are Leo Ouderits, Rafael Alcala, Ludwig Albert, Victor Mendoza, Wilma Schnieder, Mark Ford and Li Biao.

01.04.2006 // Dynasty USA Print Ads for 2006
Here are the Dynasty USA print ads that you will see in 2006 in magazines and newspapers throughout the industry. Please feel free to downlaod and use.

01.03.2006 // GLASSMEN Director Travels to Europe; Finalizes 2006 Tour
Brian Hickman, Executive Director for the GLASSMEN Drum & Bugle Corps recently returned from a three day whirlwind tour of France, Belgium, Netherlands and England to finalize the details for the corps' upcoming summer tour of Europe.

Although short, the weekend was quite eventful and productive for all. Arriving in Paris on Friday morning, Mr. Hickman was met by Jean-Paul Ratajczak from Muremo, and embarked on a "four countries in three days" tour to meet housing contacts, inspect performance sites, and finalize touring details. Although still in the confirmation process, the fourteen day tour next June 20 - July 4 will see concerts, field performances, parades and ENTERTRAINMENT™ Clinics in France, Holland, Belgium, and a historic collaborative event in England.

01.03.2006 // Mark Ford Releases new Marimba Method titled .............. "Marimba: Technique Through Music."
Mark Ford has released a new marimba method book titled Marimba: Technique Through Music published by Innovative Percussion Publications. Marimba: Technique Through Music is a musical approach for the intermediate marimbist. Sixteen original etudes by Ford guide the student through the technical and musical fundamentals of marimba performance. Released in August of 2005, Marimba: Technique Through Music has already been adopted in the percussion curriculums of The University of Arizona, The University of South Carolina, Texas A & M University- Commerce, The University of North Texas and others. For more information on Marimba: Technique Through Music contact Mark Ford at www.music.unt.edu/percussion or Innovative Percussion at www.innovativepercussion.com.

"Marimba: Technique Through Music is a much-needed collection of works. The skillfully conceived pieces have the appropriate technical and musical sophistication for any intermediate student." Michael Burritt, Northwestern University

"The best part about Mark Ford's Marimba: Technique Through Music is the music! Marimba students will enjoy the musical etudes while building stronger technique and teachers will appreciate the overall structure and development of musical concepts." Christopher Deane, University of North Texas

01.03.2006 // Epiphany/ Coastal Carolina University together in WGI Indoor Season!
Josh Hinkel and Kurry Seymour of Epiphany/ CCU sent us these great pictures of Epiphany/ CCU for the website. Kurry tells us that Epiphany/ CCU is having a great year so far and they are really looking forward to the 2006 WGI competitive season. We are proud to be associated with Epiphany/ CCU and we look forward to a great year from them. Good Luck in 2006!