05.06.2005 // XtremeBrass.com Website

Wayne Downey, Music Director of the Concord Blue Devils 11 time Drum Corps International Champion announced today the Grand Opening of his new website XtremeBrass.com. Featured on the website is Wayne's company XtremeBrass LLC. This unique company offers professional services in creation, production, and coordination of all types of pageantry and corporate entertainment, clinics in show design, brass technique and the "micro-tune" brass instruments designed by Dynasty USA in cooperation with Wayne.

Included also is the Dynasty of Brass DVD, the new Wayne R. Downey "Signature Model" mouthpieces and the "Silk" valve oil and slide grease lubricants. You will also find a revolutionary approach to private brass studies with "CyberLesson" where you can actually take a lesson with Wayne online. Wayne's new online brass techniques series "Etude of the Month" will keep you current with the newest brass etudes and characteristic studies available. If you want to be part of the "X" Brass Generation, go to www.XtremeBrass.com