04.08.2005 // New Brass Interview with Frank Williams, Brass Caption Head with the Glassmen!

Frank Williams has been prowling the sidelines of drum corps for as long as we can all remember! His accomplishments in music and life are plentiful and it is always fun to take a few moments each summer to sit and chat with Frank or watch him run a rehearsal. Enjoy this view into Frank!

1. First of all please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am primarily a jazz trombonist who teaches in an inner city high school for the love of the kids. I do drum corps for the same reason - Oh yeah - I love the sounds too!

2. How did music and brass playing become a part of your life?

I was in a chorus class I hated and this nice little man (Turner Covington) came in looking for new band members. I jumped at the chance and asked to play sax, trumpet, or drums. He liked my straight teeth so I ended up on trombone.

3. Where did you play?

I play primarily in clubs and in jazz and latin festivals

4. Did you go to school for music or how did you become the teacher/clinician that you are?

I went to FAMU for my BS degree and marched in the "Marching 100". After moving to Pennsylvania, I went to the State Univ. of NY at Fredonia to get my Masters of Music degree.

5. What are you doing now and what is involved?

Currently I still teach at Boca Ciega HS and I play in a jazz combo and in an Afro Cuban band. I also compose for the jazz orchestra, write marching band arrangements, and judge a few times each year. In my spare time I work at performing arts centers in Tampa and Clearwater as a jazz clinician and instructor.

6. Other than Dynasty USA what other instruments and accessoriesare you using?
a 66' Conn 8H for jazz and I use a Bach 42B for legit work which I sometimes get to do.

7. What are your loves outside of music and playing brass?

My family!!

8. Do you have someone special in your life?

I have been married for 37 years to Paulette Banks Williams. She and I played in high school band together.

9. What is your best experience in life so far?

experience has been watching my kids grow up!
10. Please answer this question. "if I could change anything in theworld today I would..............."

get US a new president and start to bring some peace and respect back to this country.

11. What advice do you have for young people today that want to become musicians?

Go practice NOW!! Always surround yourself with great players, and seek advice from those who have been there! "Luck is preparation meeting opportunity!!

12. What is your favorite color? Food? Drink? Movie? Brass section?Country? and finally what is your favorite way to travel?

Color - Blue

Food - great soul food

Drink - Diet coke now/Amstel Light before my doctor said NO MORE BEER! Soooooo Sad!

Movie - Fahrenheit 9/11
Brass Section - too many to choose from - maybe Suncoast 86'/Star 93'//Cadets 94'/Devils most years

I love flying long distances, but driving around in Florida with a cool breeze, warm & bright sunshine, blue water, and a fat Cuban cigar beats it all!