03.31.2005 // Interview with Bill Bachman

This is the latest in our interview series. This one is with Bill Bachman. Bill reveals some cool thoughts in his interview and it is fun to read his answers in comparison with others on our interview list.......Enjoy!

1. First of all please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m originally from Maryland, but am now in living in Nashville TN. (Note that I don’t own wranglers or an extensively large belt buckle.) I’ve done 12 summer tours with drumcorps and taught school percussion programs for nearly as many years before the ringing in my ears forced me into retirement. Now I do a lot of clinics and am stoked to be playing my drumset as much as possible. I’m the author of Quad Logic, Rudimental Logic, and Bass Logic (available from rowloff.com), the designer of Vic Firth's Heavy Hitter pad series, the producer of the drum DVD “Reefed Beats”, and an endorser of Dynasty drums, Remo drumheads, Vic Firth sticks & mallets, and CompelSolutions.com. I love to drum and pray that I’ll get to all the days of my life.

2. How did drumming become a part of your life?

In the 3rd grade the older kids from band visited us to demonstrate their instruments; I loved the clarinet more than anything! Later when Mom took me to the music store I was looking at one and noticed all those little bells & whistles all over it--it looked like a confusing mess! Next to the clarinet was a snare drum with two sticks sitting on it, it looked easy so that’s what I chose.

3. Where did you play?

Bodkin elementary school! (& no it wasn’t me who knocked the tambourine on the floor during a quiet part in the Christmas concert.) From there middle & high school, Dutch Boy & Cadets of Bergen County Drum & Bugle Corps, and the University of North Texas Drumline. (I’ve also played here & there on drumset over the years.)

4. Did you go to school for percussion or how did you become the teacher/clinician that you are?

I graduated from Berklee College of Music and have studied some at the University of North Texas along the way. I never had specific goals to be doing what I’m doing now, it all just happened one step at a time as I did my best for the love of drumming and helping others to love drumming in the same way. There were a lot of teachers and influences that helped me get where I am too--too many to list and I’m thankful to each one of them.

5. What are you doing now and what is involved?

I teach lessons at Fork’s drum closet here in Nashville TN a couple days a week, work on various projects, fly out to do a lot of weekend clinics, and generally practice an hour or two a day. There are also a lot of logistics to take care of dealing with upcoming clinics, the Heavy Hitter Pads, my Logic books, my new DVD “REEFED BEATS”, and BillBachman.net.

6. Other than Dynasty USA what other instruments and accessories are you using?

Vic Firth sticks/mallets/heavy hitter pads, and Remo drumheads. I also just got Sibelius and need to get rolling with that.

7. What are your loves outside of drumming?

I used to ride BMX all the time, but at my advanced age, my withering body can no longer take the heat. However, I’m very into racquetball these days and beating my roommate at darts. I also love playing drums at my church and playing with my nephew Jack. He’s the best!

8. Are you married?

No, and there’s actually a $500 reward for anyone who introduces me to my future wife! (Can’t beat that deal can ya`?)

9. What is your best experience in life so far?

August 12th 2002, the day I became a Christian and got a real life with purpose, guidance, and assurance of all good things. Woo-hoo!

10. Please answer this question. "if I could change anything in the world today I would..............."

I gotta` borrow my good friend Allen Joanis’ answer on this one because he nailed it: I would spread more "JOY" - Jesus first, Others second, Yourself third. This is how we were designed to live!

11. What advice do you have for young people today that want to become drummers?

Do what you do for the love of the instrument & wear your earplugs! As for the teachers out there, make sure that you’re there to serve your students. If your drumming/teaching is about your own glory, you’ll more than likely have a miserable time and will never find fulfillment in that.

12. What is your favorite…

Color? -Purple! It’s a theme with the heavy hitter pads, my custom purple dynasty quads and BillBachman.net.

Food? -whatever someone else makes for me (though my mac & cheese is the best in all the known galaxy).

Drink? -Sobe energy drink (sweet nectar of goodness). On a side note, I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs—nothing good ever comes from that stuff.

Movie? -tough question, there are too many good ones to list (though I’m not a movie buff).

Drum Line? I’m not really into any line in particular, but I do love watching any line play difficult stuff perfectly and with soul. As for my favorite line that I marched in, I’d say UNT `96 followed by `94 Cadets. Beats are your friend…

Country? U.S.A. –sure we have our problems, but I’m thankful that I live here.
and finally, what is your favorite way to travel?
In style. I recently got a black leather motorcycle jacket that is extremely tuff. In fact, tuffness emanates from the jacket in such a manner as to dissuade any potential attacker from going forth with his sinister plans. Oh yes…

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