10.30.2005 // DCUK Report (Highlights) by Ian Scaife...........

In 1st place (80.2) were Southern Aurora who, as a result of A-Class victory, would step up to Open Class finals in the evening to rub shoulders with the big boys and, you never know, maybe take a scalp or two! We’ll talk about that later, all I will say about the mighty SA at this stage is that their A-Class finals performance was stunning….simply stunning!

Open Class Finals

Southern Aurora were first on in finals and their enthusiastic and vocal following set the atmosphere. Their show is entitled ‘Means of Access’ and I understand that it was composed by the staff. The product is dark, complex and extremely sophisticated and is very stylistic in terms of the trademark sound and look the corps created in the past. The music is challenging yet always gripping. Powerful one moment yet extremely haunting or tender the next. Whilst the show is very challenging, the viewer is drawn into it with their focus being directed to the right place at the right time as a result of intelligent and gripping show design combined with extreme performance levels. Since their 2002 Open Class championship year, Southern Aurora undertook a rebuilding program which makes the achievements of the 2005 staff and members all the more unbelievable. These guys are well on the way to becoming a drum corps powerhouse once again…. Correction: they ARE a drum corps powerhouse

Southern Aurora Event Gallery