12.24.2004 // Northern Star and Dynasty USA announce Partnership

The Northern Star Group and Dynasty are pleased to announce the formation of a formal partnership for the 2005 season and beyond. Northern Star will play Dynasty Bb brass and percussion instruments exclusively, including new battery and melodic instruments and all new brass. The change over to Bb instruments was in their future plans, initially Northern Star had only planned on changing our battery but after much discussion it was decided to change to Bb as it was the perfect time and opportunity to take a huge step in achieving their goals. Dynasty brings to the Northern Star organisation everything in terms of top quality instruments, a strong commitment to education and exemplary service and support.

"It has been evident for some time the quality of the Northern Star Group. As I travel throughout the world there are times when the quality of a performance catches your eye and in the last two Drum Corps Europe Championships the Northern Star has been absolutely brilliant” says Allan Murray, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Dynasty USA. "We welcome the Northern Star Group into our Dynasty USA family that is growing quickly throughout the world. It is our goal at Dynasty USA to not only continue to provide the best quality instruments but to provide a working relationship that relies on cooperation and dedication to the activity, the staff and most importantly to the performers of Northern Star Group. Without the performer’s hard work and dedication on the field we cannot be successful as an organisation or business! Dynasty USA is proud to be associated with Northern Star Group." Northern Star expects to have the complete line of new Dynasty USA brass instruments in hand for the first weekend in January along with the battery, concert bass and carriers. The pit equipment will follow suite in time. Northern Star is the only British drum corps to be fully endorsed by Dynasty USA and look forward to a successful season and beyond. More information on Northern Star can be found on their revamped website:
Northern Star Website