10.26.2004 // MN Brass, Inc. and Dynasty USA Announce New Relationship for 2005

For Immediate Release: Dynasty USA and Minnesota Brass, Inc. proudly announce that the two organizations have signed an agreement that allows MBI to replace every piece of their musical equipment for the 2005 Season. Brent Turner, Corps Director states that, "after opening a bid process that has been about 18 months long, we feel confident that continuing our relationship with Dynasty Marching Brass and expanding our inventory to include Dynasty Percussion is one that will continue to develop and grow to benefit both corporations well into the future." This contract will allow MBI to transition their hornline into a Bb configuration. Gavin Burnham, MBI Executive Director, is excited about, "being able to replace all of our equipment in a fiscally responsible manner."

Matt Kettelhut, MBI Brass Caption Head is emphatic that, "It is a privilege to work with such an innovative company that shares our passion for excellent drum corps and is committed to creating superior instruments. Their new line of marching horns are engineered to allow the full range of musical emotions yet rugged enough to withstand the rigors of the marching activity. Together Dynasty USA and Minnesota Brass will continue to define excellence in brass performance for years to come." Joel Matuzak, two time drum champion Caption Head with MBI, " I can't express enough how happy I am with the new relationship between Dynasty USA Percussion and Minnesota Brass Inc.. The quality and pride is evident in their equipment. There is a true spirit of progress with their products. It is exciting to be with a passionate, innovative, and growing company." "We have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy our relationship with the Minnesota Brass, Inc." said Allan Murray, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Dynasty USA. "With the addition of Dynasty USA percussion with MBI for 2005 we feel that this will be an excellent addition to help with the regionality of sales in the MN, IA, WI and surrounding areas. Joel Matuzak and staff have a large influence throughout the Midwest and we are happy to have Joel and all the staff from MBI on board for the 2005 season." Minnesota Brass, Inc. will debut their new equipment at their inaugural rehearsal on Wednesday December 1 from 6:45-10pm at Highland Park High School in St. Paul, MN. Be sure to keep up to date by continually reading the website at http://mnbrassinc.org. If you are interested in membership please contact recruiting@mnbrassinc.org, or Brent Turner at 612-743-8760. Dynasty USA/DEG is available at www.dynastybi.com , or call 800-558-9416 or email info@dynastybi.net