08.13.2004 // From Steve Connell, Director, The Pride of the Dutchmen Band

MOC-Valley High School Receives New Dynasty Drums! I just wanted to let you know that our new drums arrived yesterday. WOW! What a wonderful experience. This is the fourth set of marching percussion instruments that I have purchased and I can honestly say that it has been the best. Here are some highlights of the extraordinary

1. The tenors were set up at the factory. My drumline techs could not believe the quality of the carrier mounting system that was already in place. No tools, no hassles, no swearing… The drums were positioned perfectly to the carrier mount. All that we needed to do was adjust the carrier height for each player and they were ready to go. Tuning was loose but they came up to perfect tension in 24 hours.

2. The bass drums came packed with the rims and heads OFF of the drum. The hardware was included in a bag. What a great touch! You obviously know that everyone takes the heads off and puts tone foam on them anyway. You just saved about an hour of work for my techs!

3. The snares just needed to have the carrier height adjust for the individual players.

The set up process was so simple that it saved us 5 hours of work!

We really researched this purchase. There are five major companies making excellent drums. While Dynasty may not be the biggest or best known in the country today, your incredible quality, service, delivery and attention to detail will make you the leader in the industry. I can’t wait to go to our first contest and hear the question – “Hey, why did you buy Dynasty?” As soon as they hear my line play, the questions will all be answered!

Thanks again for great drums.

Steve Connell


The Pride of the Dutchmen Band