06.19.2003 // The Wayne Downey DVD

Dynasty USA and The Blue Devils are very proud to introduce this powerful visual and audio experience called the "Dynasty of Brass!" It is certainly a MUST HAVE for every music educator that is interested in improving their brass sections. Wayne Downey and the Blue Devils brass staff have created a fun approach to music education that is well thought out, straight to the point and very educational. The DVD separates itself from anything in educational media. Featuring The Blue Devils -- it is a FUN and ENTERTAINING with an underscore on entertaining.

The Wayne Downey DVD "Dynasty of Brass" produced by Dynasty USA and the Blue Devils.
To put it mildly this DVD is incredible. There are five special features on this DVD.
·     Wayne Downey and the Blue Devils Brass staff''''''''s "top 18 exercises"
18 of the most useful exercises, with special options to hear individual sections, the full ensemble or Wayne’s commentary in 5.1 Dolby digital Surround Sound and the option to view the section of your choice. The full 18 exercises are available as a download with Acrobat Reader of the Blue Devil Brass Book highlighting the staff, the history of the Blue Devils brass section and Wayne Downey and the 18 exercises so that you can read as they play!
·     Behind the Scenes with Wayne Downey
A wonderful interview with Wayne and special footage of Wayne in action with the Blue Devils.
·     Surround Sound Experience
Special selections from the 2000, 2001 and 2002 Blue Devils programs in 5.1 Dolby digital Surround Sound.
·     Moments with the Blue Devils Brass
Special performance and behind-the-scenes footage plus interviews with performers.
·     Special Features and Information
Available June 26th from the Blue Devils website http://www.bluedevils.org/index.php and from the music dealers of DEG Music Products, Inc. http://www.degmusic.com/home/dealersearch.asp.